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Setting the record straight

My name is Ken Langdon and my agency handles the PR for Border Grill Las Vegas. Border Grill definitely does monitor their general Twitter account @BorderGrill and I'm sure management will be in touch soon, but when this initial Tweet was sent the wrong Twitter handle was used.  @BorderGrillLV isn't an active account and its homepage asks followers to go to @BorderGrill instead.  More importantly though, the water charge is printed on the Border Grill menu.  Here is a link and the menu's excerpt:

<a href=""></a>

"Border Grill uses the Natura water purification system, instead of bottled water transported from around the world. The reusable glass bottles provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to the waste associated with the manufacture, transport, and disposal of conventional bottled water. Unless you request no water, we will pour unlimited still or sparkling water for every guest at .50 per person."

While the brunch menu alone doesn't have this information printed on it (no room with all the food options and limited space), when guests arrive to brunch, they are verbally informed of the restaurant's water program and provided with both the lunch and brunch menus.  Border Grill has been providing Natura water for nearly two years now and the vast majority of guests appreciate both the taste of the water and the eco-friendly initiative the restaurant has taken.