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Nevada Hotel Room Tax to Increase By Up to Three Percent

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April 6, 2009 at 1:16 PM | by | ()

Yes, the deals abound in Vegas these days. Hello, Trump Las Vegas for $89 a night with a $69 spa credit. Or MGM Grand mid-week for $49 a night. Even Wynn is discounting dangerously close to the $100 a night mark.

But once you've come down from your bargain-hunter's high, remember there are still taxes to be paid. And in Nevada, the room tax is going to increase up to three percent. Currently room tax is at nine percent.

The room tax will start July 1 and is expected to produce revenue of $233 million in the first two years. The decision to increase the room tax was done instead of increasing the state's gambling tax, which was not well-received by casinos. But the room tax was viewed as easier since most guests don't even notice the taxes until check-out.

Or until after they've sobered up enough from their trip to Vegas to check their bank account. Nice.

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