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Five Oversized Souvenir Drinks to Try (Responsibly) in Vegas

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Nothing says, "It's My First time in Vegas!" like a plastic souvenir cup. But of course, this being Vegas, a standard plastic cup with a hotel logo slapped on it just won't do. Your Vegas souvenir cup needs to be huge, so huge that people will doubt you can finish it without getting alcohol poisoning.

If people aren't staring at you when you walk down the Strip with this drink in hand (or slung around your neck for support), then you haven't found the right souvenir drink.

Fortunately, VegasChatter is here to guide you through the options. Looking to advertise your Vegas virginity with one of these oversized drinks? Or just trying to show off how much alcohol you can consume in 10 hours or less? Here’s our list of places to snag an oversized souvenir drink.

Just remember, one is probably enough. These things are loaded with alcohol due to their size but we've also heard rumors that vendors use Everclear as a way to save some money. (Around the world, folks are smacking their heads and saying, "That's why I blacked out after that drink....")

Five Oversized Souvenir Drinks to Try in Vegas

1. Paris Las Vegas
You know you want a giant drink shaped like the Eiffel Tower. Peeps fill these "towers" up with daiquiris and sip them with a giant straw. Really, it couldn't be any less French if it tried. You can go for a little Parisian flair with a giant balloon-shaped vessel instead.
Le Petit Bar serves Eiffel Tower-shaped drinks for about $12.8016.99.

2. Stratosphere
Much like the Eiffel Tower, big plastic Stratosphere-shaped glasses, called The Stratoblaster, are served here which can be filled with what else? Daquiris. For more cheesey tourist effect, hold your Stratosphere drinks atop the Stratosphere for a picture!
Buy at the top for about $1218

3. Imperial Palace: The Rockhouse bar in front of the IP is home to several over-sized drinks including the 80oz guitar drink. These guitar-shaped drinks (picture your Guitar Hero guitar filled with booze) cost $32.
Refills, if you can handle it, are $20. *Rockhouse closes May 5, 2012.

4. Harrah’s
There are other places that sell yard-long cups, but Harrah’s wins the mine-is-bigger-than-yours contest with their four-foot-long, purple version.
Various bars here sell the $20 drinks.

5. The Rio: This Latin-themed resort sells yard drinks with a tambourine on a handle. According to Flickr Member, Evil Yoda (a big fan of LV souvenir drinks), these were found at the buffet as well as the All-American Bar & Grille.
The drinks are around $20 (and not included in the buffet.)

Want a broader selection all in one place? For souvenir gifts that scream “I have far too much room and discretionary income and have not moved beyond my college dorm, beer-bottles-from-around-the-world-window décor!”, you have to hit Bonanza Gifts, the “world’s largest gift shop.” Here, your souvenir cup runneth over (literally), as does your Vegas-monogrammed potential. You can choose from magnets, key chains, games, clothes toys, and their best-seller: Polly the Insulting Parrot (she’s foul and fowl—clever, right?).

Did we miss one of your favorite souvenir cups? Let us know in comments below.

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More than just souvenirs....

The author of this article clearly is NOT a drinker.  When I start packing for yet another trip to Vegas, the FIRST thing I pack is my oversized "souvenir" cup.  50 ounces of your favorite frozen drink for the refill price of $10-$13.  How can you go wrong with that?  It's quite possibly the cheapest booze you'll ever find.  I've even tackled the 100 ounce drink from Cabo Wabo, but find the 50 ouncers are easier to drink before they all melt.  I'll have between 2 and 3 in a typical day out on the stip.  If you're going to check out any of the above named vendors, you've got to check out Cabo Wabo (my choice for the best margeritas in Vegas).  

very nice

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog, I will keep visiting this blog very often.

I am Evil Yoda!

I've just read the latest souvenir drinks post and then followed a link to this older post where I discovered a name check and link to my photos on Flickr! I'm off to Vegas this Sunday for my 9th trip so will be sure to drink and photograph more souvenir drinks!

@Evil Yoda

Too funny! Please share your new souvenir drink discoveries with us after your trip! You can reach me via tips@vegaschatter.com.


I will indeed. I now have a rep to protect!