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How Do You Avoid Timeshare Pitches?

April 14, 2009 at 7:18 PM | by | ()

Even if you're approached by Alan Thicke, just say no!

It's happened to the best of us. We've arrived in Vegas feeling lucky, eager to make our way from the lobby check-in up to our room so we can stash our bags, freshen up and head back down to the casino to try our hand at the tables or the slots.

Just as we walk away with hotel room keys in hand, an official-looking person in a nice blazer stops us and ask, "Are you staying here at the hotel?" And we, naively thinking this person might want to give us something free, say "Why yes, we are."

Before we know it, we're guilt-tripped over to a little corner and this official-looking person launches into the dreaded timeshare seminar song and dance. Fortunately, we're not so drunk on the vast amounts of oxygen pumped into the casino to fall for this routine. So we profusely say, "Not interested" and make our way up to our hotel room.

Yes, some timeshare pitches will try and bribe you with free perks but unless you're willing to sit through long timeshare seminars, we say turn them down immediately. Having gone through this a couple of times, we've come up with some quick ways to avoid a timeshare pitch.

· Lie About Your Age: Timeshare salespeople want to know how old you are, based on the principle that if you are older you have more solid finances to afford a timeshare. Also several timeshare groups have minimum-age requirements for owners. So they will often ask if you are older than 25. In this case, you aren't. Even if you are pushing 45 or 50, tell them you are 24.

· Just a One-Night Stand: Since the goal of this initial casino floor timeshare pitch is to get you to attend one of their seminars, the sales folk will often ask if you are in town for three days or more. Again, you aren't. Tell them you are here for only one night and leaving early in the morning.

· Keep Moving: After you check-in, focus on finding the lobby elevators and nothing else. Timeshare sales people hang out near the check-in desks and are ready to pounce when you're in a good mood. They also hang out by the elevators at some properties too so keep moving and stop for no one.

· Nothing's Free in Vegas: Remember that. So when someone asks if you would like something for free, always know that there is something else they are not telling you.

What are your tips for avoiding timeshare pitches? Or on the other hand, have you attend a timeshare seminar? What did you get out of it? Let us know in comments below.

Archived Comments:

Avoiding Timeshare Sales Pitches

My boyfriend and I do not walk together by the booth.  They target couples a lot.  We pretend like we're not together until we're past the sales person.

Easiest Way

Keep walking, and say you are a local.  Or also say, you are not married.  The criteria is age (generally over 25, younger than 45), out of state, and married.  I can say, as a local, saying you are local works everytime.