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Could a Michael Jackson Museum Be Coming To Vegas?

July 9, 2009 at 1:51 PM | by | ()

Elvis Presley's Graceland makes a gagillion dollars a year on the backs of tourists from around the world who come to see how the King of Rock n' Roll lived in excess, and muse on how he died largely because of it. On the heels of Michael Jackson's death, talk immediately started about turning Neverland into the same sort of immortalizing cash cow for the King of Pop.

But could the Michael Jackson Museum actually end up in Las Vegas?

Word is that Jackson lawyer, John Branca and his team of estate lawyers are eyeing Vegas for a museum celebrating—or exploiting—the life of Michael Jackson. Why Vegas? Because of Jackson's connection to the city, because of the convenience of the area (easy plane ride vs. long, long drive down winding road), but, let's face it, mostly because of the great potential for increased tourist dollars.

Los Olivos, where Neverland is located, is not only extremely remote and totally tourist-un-friendly, but is also inhabited by folks who have had it up to here with the whole Michael Jackson thing. They don't care about money flowing into their town, only about outsiders being kept out. Finally.

Vegas, on the other hand...well, it never says no to guaranteed big bucks, especially in this high-roller room for a $5 blackjack better economy. And let's face it: a Jackson Museum would bring 'em in. In hordes. From all around the world. And, a Vegas museum would avoid any of the creepiness that might be left over from Neverland rumors.

Of course, since the family can't yet seem to decide where to bury Jackson's body, it doesn't seem likely that any decisions regarding his stuff and the promotion—or exploitation—of such will be made any time soon.

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Thriller casino instead!

Id rather go play at a Thriller-themed casino than visit a boring museum!

monkey see...

i'd go if they had monkeys. monkeys are fun.