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Despite The Recession, Joel Stein Can't Get a Pool Chair at Mandalay Bay

August 14, 2009 at 4:14 PM | by | ()

C'mon, take a ride on the Recession Rollercoaster!

Time Magazine's Joel Stein recently discovered what we've known about Las Vegas for a long time--despite the recession, people are still coming here. And that's thanks to all the discounts going on.

Stein wrote about the shocking discounts he noticed while he was in Vegas on his trip in July--slashed room rates, cheaper wine bottles, dining certificates and the like. But he was stunned, stunned, to find that TheHotel was sold-out and that there were no more pool chairs left for him when he wanted to layout at the pool. He writes:

All the price-cutting has succeeded: the town is full. This recession business is totally not working for me.

Of course, things look pretty rosy when you're trying to find a pool that's not stuffed with football drink-clutching party-goers but there is a dark side. Namely, frozen construction projects like Fontainebleau, Echelon, the halted Caesars Palace Hotel and the halted St. Regis condos atop The Venetian/Palazzo.

Even scarier in our opinion is the amount of rooms and new hotels that will be opening soon such with Hard Rock's new South Tower, the Cosmopolitan Hotel and thousands of hotel rooms at the new CityCenter hotels. But maybe that will be a good thing? Too much inventory usually means lower hotel prices. Or at least, we hope so.

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