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How To Score Weed In Vegas

August 18, 2009 at 3:44 PM | by | Comments (126)

Everybody must get stoned, Bob Dylan once famously sang. The same sage wisdom could apply to many a visit in Vegas. Sometimes, after getting drunk, gambling, losing money, drinking while losing money, seeing a show, losing more money, drinking away sorrows at an eardrum-shatteringly loud club, and waking up with your head in a toilet while housekeeping persistantly pounds away at your room door, a little mellowing of the harsh is the right fix, at the right time. Unfortunately, among the legal vices available in and around Vegas - prostitution (in certain parts of Nevada), gambling, and open-container drinking - possession of the sticky icky isn't one of them. And on that note: somewhat difficult to get your hands on if you're not a local. Until now. See, what you didn't know is that Vegas is a dedicatedly weed-smokin' town. Here's how to get your hands on it.

A few things you should know about scoring weed in Vegas before you begin your mission: the weed in Vegas is extraordinarily good, as much of it comes in from California; the 702 weed is in good, cheap supply, as resort layoffs have created a vibrant, (literally) overgrown sellers market (think $50/an eighth, $100/a quarter, $150/a half ounce); finally, the weed in Vegas isn't that illegal: if you're over the age of 21, anything less than an ounce carries a $600 fine, and maybe some court-mandated drug treatment. That said, they can get you for up to six months for paraphernalia possession, but honestly, Vegas cops and courts have way more important shit to deal with than stoners. Just be discreet. Oh, and also, we're not endorsing the sale, purchasing, or smoking of weed, or doing anything illegal. Right. So:

1. Ask around, and not in casinos. Almost every major resort in town drug-tests employees, and in this delicate economy, none of them are going to risk their jobs over getting some tourist a bag of dope. But the service industry is known to partake in libations, as they work in them: check out clubs, bars, and restaurants not in resorts with looser vibes, especially ones around the UNLV campus (located a stone's throw from the Hard Rock Hotel, incidentally).

2. Follow the trail of head shops. You can buy some of the best bongs, vaporizers, pipes, chillums, and other weed-smokin' apparati in Vegas, bar none. But call a bong anything other than a "water pipe," and they'll kick your ass to the curb. Ask for weed, and they'll do the same. But check out some of the clientele: if you can convince some local hippies that (A) you're not a cop, man and (B) you're willing to cough up a significant finders' fee in order to secure some dank, you should be good to go. Places to start? Diversity, a tattoo/tobacco shop with several locations around the Valley. Again, the UNLV location is one of the better ones: located across the street from UNLV and a lesser-frequented In-N-Out Burger, among other stoner-happy places, there's no better ground-zero for Vegas stoners. But remember: it's a water pipe, NOT a bong.

3. Concerts. Does it look like a weed-smoker, talk like a weed-smoker, and rock out like a weed-smoker? Then yes: they partake. And there's often no better place than a good concert, especially reggae, hip hop, jam band rock, or any other kind of music that isn't, say, punk's sobriety, the whiskey-soaked nature of much metal, or the shoe-gazingly downcast gloom that is indie rock. Since you can still smoke indoors at some places, weed smoking is often turned away at, and fact, I may know someone who may have been sold weed by a D.O.P. (dealer on premises) at a hip hop show at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel recently. Just smell them out, literally. And don't ask for "grass" or "weed" or anything that make you sound anything remotely like a cop, man. "Hey, got any bud?" might be a good, casual place to start. This goes for the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay, too. People in Vegas: love their concerts, love their weed at their concerts.

4. Friends. Just get some friends from L.A. to bring you some. They all know somebody with a Medical Marijuana card, which they're apparently giving away like after-dinner mints in Calfornia. Tell them you'll put them up for the night or something. And, heh, tell them to bring some of those weed lollipops. Nice and discreet.

Comments (126)

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Party On

This has been the only thing that I was missing being in Vegas.

Let me check my list!

  1. Women (check)
  2. Alcohol (check)
  3. Bud  (now check)
  4. Strippers (check)

Vegas, HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If You Want Weed.... Organic Releaf

Go to Organic Releaf (702)463-3957.. Call If you need weed go to the legal Marijuana store in Vegas. The can set you up an appointment with the Doctor in 1 day for $220 and you'll be legal to get product at the dispensary Organic Releaf.

Medical Marijuana in Vegas

Call Klub Karma at 702.207.0777.  You will need a recommendation letter from a Nevada physician or State issued MM card.  They can hook you up.  Can you say FIRE!!!!!????

Lookin for some help out please

my buddy and i are flyin up from kansas this saturday and stayin on the strip. We dont know any locals and last time i was up there i had a bad experiance trying to find some buds (even just a faze). so anyone at all tryin to show some love, it would be much appreciated, email me @ boywonder1605@gmail.com,
thanks everyone

Pot compromises your goals and dreams

For me, pot was just the beginning. It made me burned out all the time and self conscious and eventually led to other drugs. You should check out this link if you or someone you know needs a drug rehab facility to help you learn to be happy without pot and other drugs.

Pot compromises your goals and dreams

For me, pot was just the beginning. It made me burned out all the time and self conscious and eventually led to other drugs. You should check out this link if you or someone you know needs a drug rehab facility to help you learn to be happy without pot and other drugs.


hello i will be partying in Vegas in couple weeks I am from Canada where we can smoke 24/7  please if a true pot smoker reads this they will understand how it is to be out of your country with no link for weed. I would appreciate it if someone from vegas can hook me up with a nice bag of weed so i can enjoy my trip. email koonz84@hotmail.com or just let me know where to go. your help will be rewarded thank hopefully someone helps me cause i know i would help any American if they came to canada

need hooking up

i'm coming over to Vegas for 2 weeks... if anyone could hook me up with a big bag o bud... i would really be greatful and generous... let me know at riotuk@hotmail.com

Needn some help again

last year was a real good time and im doin it all over again and need your help! last "friend" i made up there was a college dude who moved back to cali now im yet again looking for someone to help me out with some great smoke to make for another great time, lemme know boywonder1605@gmail.com...thanks!

someone lemme know!! its comin soon!

our annual trip is comin up and this is the first time no one has responed to my post (except ppl like me needn buds), its just right around the cornor and would like to have a real green time! willing to pay nicely, let me know, thanks! boywonder1605@gmail.com

Just moved to Vegas...

Just moved to vegas could use hook-up. Brought some sticky icky from home but just ran out :( !!! Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Starryblazer@yahoo.com

Vegas Hook up

looking for a hook up for some good bud in Vegas. were going to be there in Feb for 5 days and would appreciate any help scoring a bag safely and hassel free.  Cheers and thanks in advance.


a safer bet

i am tired of being hasstled for smoking pot. I cant afford an arrest, i just stick with my trusty www.ikronic.com and never look back. I tried alot of the legal highs, and this 1 takes the cake.

Hook me up

Hey there, recently lost my contact of past 2 yrs :( if anyone can help me out with some nice tangy nunk to lift my funk, plz gimme a shout -> spookypaste@yahoo.co.uk

new buddies needed

Hey i am able to smoke 24/7 in Canada.but my medical card doesn't help me there.Would like too meet someone local that could help a guy out.Finders fee for bud.Will be there in early April.Cheers

help needed

Looking too meet new 420 friends. I am able to smoke 24/7 here in Canada.However that will not help me out in April when i am in Las Vegas.I have gone down town and used cab drivers before.Must be a better way for a guy to get bud.Finders fee for AAA bud.kevinwg2@hotmail.com Cheers

New to vegas

Looking for some help.

Vegas in May

I'd hate to sound like every other sad stoner hoping for a miracle, but here goes... I'm comin to Vegas on May 10th from Canada with my boyfriend. I have no connection when I get there and I'm reeeealllly hopin someone could hook me up with some greens? Preferably on the strip, since I don't feel like any shady encounters..lol! So PLEASE! suzysmash@gmail.com - if you'd be so kind. =D Thank you!

Happy 420!

Did I mention? Happy 420, everyone!! =D (how could i have been so rude! lol!)

Pakalolo tree

I just moved to Vegas from Hawaii and would like to meet some 420 friends. Hit me up Surf4shore@gmail.com Lets grab a drink :)

New from BC...

I need help.. Just moved from Canada. Mmj patient in BC (have mmj id card, doctor's approval), takes a while to set it up in NV. Will pay top $$ for top-shelf only.  No gimmicks please. email: medicine.man453@yahoo.com


Me find my mind shedsandshadows@yahoo.com


Need som bud, near fremont, CA legal but obviously that means nothing here, need it for nausea and haven't been able to eat while I've been here shoot me a text or e-mail text preferred 3608652387 or frankitydankity@gmail.com

I have been in vegas for weeks and...

None of the above has been successful. Two and a half more weeks to go and been out for a week. Need some help. Email is richgar1002@gmail.com.


email csummerlin2001@yaoo.com

vegas+wee=happy times

Hey can anyone help with a lead for some bud..canadian dude coming 2 vegas ..much$appreciated.


bud needed

coming from puerto rico with girlfriend.need a big old bag of bud if anybody can please help me caban.josue@gmail.com will compensate

How I scored

Went Labor Weekend,,Was at casino playin slot, looked up at two sistas we started talking about the slots,, One looked stoned in her eyes,, I ask were you from, LA, did you drive here,,, Yes,, Told her you have to hook me up, no prob,, went to 9th floor girl ask how much? said 40, came back with 2 little ziplock bags of FIRE, texed her next morn got 40 more, i was good for the trip,, I would get on the cat walk next to ballys late, that would be my next move they are just hangin there, feel safe, they can,t get you up there : )or look at peoples eye, we can pick a stoner out anywhere


Flying out Nov 7 for a week, could really use some help hooking up!
Thanks, Mark


Need hook up... Jeri478@hotmail.com

Friend In Need From Vancouver Canada

Arrive Friday September 28th for the Rock Vegas Fest at Mandalay Bay. Please hook a sister up! Naughtynatty13@hotmail.com

if it could work...

i'm wondering if writing its mail here really helps to score  wed here in vegas. But as i don't have any others possibilities, i'm trying.. :)
i 'm a french girl spending 2 or 3 months in vegas and i can't imagine not smoking.
 so if you can helps me, don't hesitate. My mail frenchgirlinvegas@yahoo.com

Thanks for your help.

english stoner needs a hook up please

arriving 24th oct for 7 days desperate to sort out some bud,if u can hook me up please email me at


will pay top dollar aswell as a nice bung for ur trouble.


Same story here :D

Comin over for 4 days to vegas late november and would love if i can get my hands on sum fine weed for the trip

email me grana-in@hotmail.fr

any help is welcome :D

thx guys!

same story too..

need small amount but will pay.
need delivered to strip hotel 11.11

let me kno what's up :-)

Hey guys same thing here haha :-) I am going to vegas in Jan for a week. Last time I got a hookup from cab driver and he gave me his card but I tried the number out of curiosity and its dead:/ lameee!! Well anyways I need a hookup if anyone is wanting to help a party girl out:) Nooo I'm not a cop just a stoner. I'm looking for some bud I can meet to get it or whatev I'm renting a car. I'll pay VERRY nicely someone please message Roxyprinceton@hotmail.com

i am here now please help ?

yes day # 2 and still nothin is there someone who kan help please email me at standingpine@hotmail.com please help i will compensate 4 days ,left from canada

Heavy vancouver stoner need bud!!

Will need at LEAST a quarter!! Will be there for a week, so probably more. If anyone could hook me up that would be amazing.

Email me at: Punishedestiny@gmail.com

need some help scoring....

i could use just about any amount, i wlll be here for 2 more nights, just want to relax and quit losing money gambling......email is rbieda@gmail.com.....will certainly pay finder$$ fee.  thanks,

Been 2 months since i moved here....

so i am looking for some around here. Would prefer if delivered to my place, just because i dont have a car right now :(.
if you know someone who is good. hit me up at umangd03@hotmail.com.
And you are welcome to join :D:D

Not knowing a hookup sucks because have always been used to knowing a few. Sucks graduating.

Canadian looking to score!


I'm Quebecker and im a regular pot smoker and i'm in las vegas for the next 6 days, if someone can help me to get some bud (like 7 gram), you can email me at henri31337@gmail.com


looking to score

just got into town and looking for some bub...good stuff.  Willing to pay for the hook up.  email me at bec9480@gmail.com

need some green

Im staying at the ny ny looking to get some favors for the evening. Info@
Or 52O 31two six 2 six six
P.s. no mersh

need some green

Im staying at the ny





Kslalsjfnfn n xl De 3k a l


G ejsospepoaoI9

just moved here!

I just moved here not too long ago from cali and I'm out of bud! If anyone is selling and is willing to sell to someone new, hit me up! Corryluvsyou914@aol.com

Need some green

In Vegas til Fri looking for some good green.

Need some green

In Vegas til Fri looking for some good green.  Hit me up cdmonroeiii@yahoo.com

need a nice bud!

ill be in Monday please help tadtheman@gmail.com


If I lived out here, I'd have a med card in a flash.  Dad lives here and is kewl with my meds but I could use a qtr z.  If you can help, hit me up.  Thanx.


Looking for green in Vegas

Will be in Vegas next monday, a week from today. Looking to get some bud while staying there. I am a regular user for medical purposes, just need some to get by while we are there. Would prefer to have it delivered to or near the hotel, just dont wanna go somewhere sketchy and get robbed. happy to pay finders fee. email if you can help a friend out. kingham@una.edu

out of the loop

I've lived in Vegas for 30 years. The guy I bought my bud from for the last 20 years recently passed away. I don't know anyone else. If you can help me out renfield@mail.com

Pleeeease help I'm desperate

Can someone please help me find nd I just landed today left it all at home was to scared I'm a chron and can't go 5 days without if u can help with bud email me ASAP selvester420@hotmail.com

I need some

I'm flying in 3 days to have the ultimate fun, willing to thank u generously. please email me at akm707@hotmail.com

Cancer patient from NYC

I am a cancer patient coming to VEGAS so I can cross it off my bucket list. I am a heavy user. Only way to eat and keep calories in. I'm just looking for a kind friend with some kind bud. I'm looking for any amount really. I am to scared to bring it from home. If somebody out there can hook a sister
Up I would do the same for you if you came to NYC! Anyway thanks for your consideration. Shoot me an email. Peace love and hair grease!

Aussie paying top dollar

I will come to you or you can come to me, either way, you'll get one of the biggest tips you've had from hooking me up with an oz or a half. luke_brabin@hotmail.com

Dry local

I'm local, moved here last October. I had a hookup for a while but everyone is either dry or flaky if anyone could hook me up as soon as possible I'd appreciate it. Finders few included of course. ball-ky@hotmail.com

An option to consider

In Vegas now. After striking out with 3 taxi drivers, a couple of discrete queries in the clubs, a knock on the next-door neighbor and an intense interview session with a stripper, I struck up a conversation with a lady-of-the-evening. I told her that I wasn't interested in her usual services but would gladly tip her nicely if she could help me procure some bud. Bingo! Paid a 50% premium as a tip but landed in Nirvana. She told me that she gets this request quite often, as do most of her friends, and it often leads to other business with her male customers.

On the hunt

I'm visiting from Illinois, and I am in need of the green, if anyone is willing to help me out, I am willing to pay extra, Call me at 8153750216 or email me at poopsalad83@yahoo.com, if your willing to help me out

all dried out

trying to get some buds...just moved to vegas this month. kyleh46@gmail.com

Need some bud in vegas

i got here in vegas about 2 days ago and i've been looking for marijuana on the streets but cant seem to find? anyone please let me know where theres a street hippie dealer somewhere. email me if you can. thank you : aaronleal12@hotmail.com

on the hunt

if you can find me any bud i'm willing to pay extra please if you can call me at 9567351450 i would be glad and i will pay extra

Hemp oil cures cancer

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Thanks to Dr George for helping my wife cure her cancer with his hemp oil and for also making life worth living once again.

looking for smoke

I'm in Vegas for a week and looking to  score some bud. If you can help pls email at biguh_and_lady@hotmail.com . You will be rewarded


looking to score some bud, only un town until saturday. Today would be great! you name place and time. Ty


my email address is marlo.brestar@gmail.com.... ill b waiting

Need Some Bud

I'm in town, lost all my contacts, need some bud, hit me up asap.....thanks

LV Local

Live on sw part of town. Will be a regular. Renee.frankie@yahoo.com



Long story short I most likely qualify for a medical marijuana card, but that is an expensive process to go through.

I might do it anyway, depending on costs, but, and here's the kicker, I'm sure if it will work for me. I haven't smoked in over 20 years, so I want to just buy enough to give it a try, like a few days supply to see if I even like it. Or even less if it less risky, I don't want to cause anyone trouble.

I live in SW Vegas but will drive anywhere in town.

If this is even a possible thing, let me know at anthelone@hotmail.com. Thanks.


Awesome, no edit button. I meant to say I am Not sure if it will work for me. /sigh. Again, thanks.

WEEDeliver702- MMJ on demand...

Call us and we can get you verified and high in no time... :) So good, you'll forget what happened in Vegas.

WEEDeliver702- MMJ on demand...

See, it worked so well we forgot the number... 702.502.0017. Knowledgable staff. Hot drivers, and great service.

WEEDeliver702- MMJ on demand... Legally

Hello, If you are a patient, we carry the highest quality meds, anywhere. Professional service with a great staff. Call us anytime: 702.502.0017... Enjoy Vegas:)

Searching for 420

Canadian arriving Jan. 11th looking to score. Will pay for finders fee and for high quality,  jlisco@telus.net

Thank you


Smj connect serving Las Vegas 9166763819


comin from florida lookin to score sum dank to paranoid ta brang sum wid me on the plane willin to pay finders fee wud rather have it delivered will be in vegs for 5 days so tryna buy enouf to last get at me

Reach me:

comment on a picture instagram
ig name:koolassdae


Hey buddy i can help call smj connect


Hi, came over from uk back in November and Smj was cool . Well we are coming back for 8 days 22 April and just wondering if Smj could help again ?
Thanks .

Looking for SMJ

Looking for SMJ , came in November and all was sorted , is Smj still around ?


Yes im still here just give me a ring when you get here.


Coming in Feb 26-28, concentrates available?

SMJ is a shyster.

He just slinging, ripping off tourists 'cause they don't got no scales.  Sold me a quarter, was short not one,not two, but three grams.  


Hey buddy this is smj I'm sure this didn't happen an I'm sorry you feel this way give me a call an ill take care of you.


Yes sir just hit me when you get here.


Yo man . Looking for some but can't ring you as my phone is Irish . Won't leave me ring . Could I e mail you.  

Yooooo 420

Is this smj? Tryin to find you forever man . In Vegas , need help . Can you sort me dude , I cannot ring as my phone is Irish and I dunno what it's problem is ? Please tell me you can help


Radar89 yes i can help shawsteele1878@gmail.com


I just e mails you dude . Let me know if you got it . My phones havin problems over here maybe because it's Irish but let me know ASAP dude , thanks in advance

Smj I met u outside flamingo late November

Will you still have the same # as then, I'll be in town the 18th for a week, driving this time so I will be getting a lot more than last time.

Smj is on point

Forgot to mention Smj was quick and had good stuff when I met him. Everybody hit him up


Yes still here just give me a ring when you get here.


Anybody know of anyone with edibles in vegas that delivers to strip, sometime I find it hard to smoke ion the strip

SMJ is a shyster 2

Like hell I'd do business with you, second-rate white thrash junkie ass, BUDDY.  

warning to others: this pos isn't a MMJ provider, he'll rip you off for anything, crack, ice, boy, weed, etc.  His troll ass got somethin 30 different handles on these sites.  


Ya buddy im black by the way so you can stop with the bull.


Ya that's right, BUDDY, you the master of bs with your fake names and recommends and sh1t, take your gang junk and bs back to Cali.


So is he white or black? Junkie from Vegas or banger from Cali? Or are you a fucking fool? I'll be using SMJ next week.

Re: Stupid

You're using yourself next week SMJ ?  Ain't no fools around here.  Love the impersonation skills, almost schizophrenic.  You recommend yourself, you junk dealing fake scum of the lowest order, whether you here or there, makes no difference.  More than likely with a LA gang, don't give a damn.  


This dude is embarrassing himself, thanks Smj I'll be hitting u up again I will be in town by next Wednesday,

Re: Embarrassing

What's embarrassing are Hoosier trash, hit SMJ up with some mollie while you're here, cracker.

Beat Breast cancer with cannabis oil

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Message to SMJ

Hi, just checking your still around and it's ok to call when we get out to Vegas ! Will be getting in on the 22nd April , are you still on the same number ? And is it cool to ring , meet you last year and you sorted everything for our hols , hope it will be the same again ! Hope to hear from you soon .
Karen (uk)


So hols are coming up soon , is it still cool to ring you ?

Grade A

Contact Grade A Caregivers for your high quality meds. 702 763 0714
free mmj delivery


I am flying to Vegas from FL on April 18th if somebody could help me with some 420 it will be veery appreciated . Thanks in advance


I've been living in Vegas now for a couple of months, and I am having a hard time finding smoke! I am not comfortable with hanging outside a smoke shop or approaching strangers to ask~  If there is anyone on here that would be willing to help me out my e-mail is sarahfrylemain@yahoo.com
I live in the Henderson area~ Thanks!

Hookup ASAP pls

In town another 6 weeks. Need half ounce ASAP. Good stuff=Wont be fuzzy about price. redvines123@hushmail.com

smj I sent u an email

Hey I'm visiting vegas now and need ur help.

Here for tonight, so please check ur email.

Vegas Trip Soon

Heyyyy, so I'll be in Vegas in about a month and I need someone reliable with the goodies. No games please! Email me if u can help me out! meredith.elise@yahoo.com

Email me

Been living here for a few months and don't know anyone, email me if you know someone i can get in contact with! rturvb@hotmail.com


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So im 17, im here in Las Vegas (Henderson) staying with my grandma from Jax, FL. I don't know anyone, I've been here since June 10th. And i really just need some bud like ASAP. everyone ive asked on the strip is a tourist and know as much as i do. If you have a plug or know anyone that sells, PLEASE SERVE ME.
TWITTER; @RoslynnIsabell_
EMAIL; iroslynn@yahoo.com
CELL; 904-571-4510

Feed Back

Hey so did SMJ serve you?


SMJ only serves $50 minimum. For $50 he gives an 8th. In FL $50 can get you at least 5 grams. . .

SMJ ripoff

He's a gangbanger, and overpriced, coke, heroin, prescription pills.

Fucking racist asshole you are

Gangbanger? Yeah, he is black, so now he's a gangbanger? SMJ is pure class.

BCBudInVegas, you're a fucking asshole. You are obviously in competition with SMJ or you're just a troll who comes back here all the time to hate on him.


Let me give a review

You won't get robbed, you won't get fucking catnip and he's not a cop.  When it comes to grabbin weed in Vegas, on the strip, those are really the only things that matter at the end of the day.

Contacted him, he got back to me within a day, he asked me where I was and came right to my area. He picked me from my own hotel even.  You make the exchange, and he drops you off wherever you want.    

The bud isn't bad at all either, I am from BC and have grown for over 10 years. It was clean, smelled good and tasted fine. Let's be serious, it's weed for your gambling/getting fucked up adventure. Sure you can get it for cheaper back home, or you have had better yadda, yadda, but this is Vegas, and it's on the Strip no less delivered to you.

He did a quarter for 80 and even asked me if I needed papers, and when I said yes, he threw me a nice fresh pack of 1/4s.

Let me summarize this for people on the fence about SMJ, the dude is dealing pot in Vegas, on The Strip no less, he will come to you wherever you are, he will throw you a solid count, give you papers, and then drop you off anywhere you want...sounds like a pretty good service eh? 80 bucks for a Q and all that being said, he's pretty much the man.

Thanks SMJ, I hope you see this.

When I was Visiting I used Errlheads

I visit often from LA and these guys always have dank at insane donations.
I got some Cherry pie for 175 a zip last trip my name is (ian)
They are legit and low key
Best was that it's 24/7 and no drama.
702-249-3874 the chick that answers sounds cute af
Lmk if anybody meets her

Need help soon

I'll be there in a week and will be fiending the minute my plane lands. Any help will be greatly appreciated and well compensated.  Thanks!

Re: Need help soon

My email is kj6444@yahoo.com

Hemp oil works on cancer

My story has to do with the healing power of Rick Simpson cannabis oil."My sister Khloe, age 65, was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on the inside of her backbone 2 years ago, which had metastasized from breast cancer she didn't know she had. I prayed for a total healing with NO operation, no chemo and no radiation.  not everyone has had the experience of knowing Rick Simpson as their Healer... but they can! Rick Simpson, father of all natural hemp.

May the grace of God be upon Rick for his good work and courage; and with his Hemp we are healed".
Early this year i traveled to Europe( Slovak) to visit a good friend of mine when i heard Rick was around so i traveled to him and meet him one on one and purchase the healing oil from him, now am so happy and filled with joy that my sister is no longer a cancer patient and she's completely healed with his miracle healing oil. The doctor himself confirmed to us on Tuesday last week that my sister Khloe is fully OK. No sign of cancer in her bone or breast again....Wow...Am so so happy that my family and I have been thanking Rick for his good work of saving this world with his cannabis oil. Please people i don't know how to thank him enough so am dropping his contact here** ricksimpsoncannabisoil_phoenixtears@outlook.com ** +447024078253 *, am begging if you can spear 5 minutes of your time and please help me to thank him, he is truly a hero of this world and i pray for God's strength and wisdom upon him.

Help me soon!

Hey I'm in and out of Vegas every year. So I need a hook for when I am here. Right now I'm here for a month. So if any one can help me out email me here mikeratio7@gmail.com!

Need help!

I need a hookup hit me up asap if your more towards southern las vegas or if you can deliver planbrian1@hotmail.com

need a connection

Hey I need a connection.  ernie.englehart@gmail.com.  $20 reward if you can hook me up.  Near the airport.

Looking to score sweet hemp sticks

Contact me @ 403-819-7597 or mabercrombie@live.ca or marka199@telus.net willing to pay top dollar for dank sticky bud!

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