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The Bunkhouse :: Our Favorite Place For a Dependable Ruckus

Where: 124 South 11th Street [map], 89101
September 17, 2009 at 3:13 PM | by | ()

The Bunkhouse, a cornerstone of Las Vegasí bar scene since 1953, has the kind of throwback quality that you couldn't invent if you tried. We're talking about the kind of amusing obstinacy where the bar simply doesn't bother to update their interior despite what the rest of the world has done over the years - with pictures of old stills from Western movies, tarnished horns on the wall, simple, laminated menus and bartenders who greet you with the catchphrase ďwhatíll it be?Ē before you even reach the bar stool.

We prefer to call it character, and that is a moniker the Bunkhouse wears loudly. Located off Fremont and 11th Street, itís a bar that has taken advantage of the cityís growing downtown art scene, yet to be fair, it's still located in a neighborhood that - while we wonít call sketchy, we still canít see upwardly mobile types parking their Ferrariís there either.

Regardless, the Bunkhouse is doing good business because aside from their awesome breakfast burritos (the best $2.50 youíll ever spend on mass saturated fat, we guarantee), and making a mean martini, it has developed a reputation as a jubilantly uninhibited spot for great live music and the best place for burgeoning bands in the American Southwest to showcase their talents.

There isnít a GPS that can cover the stylistic roadmap that plays here - reggae, alt country, hip hop, punk, folk acoustic, the list is endless as to who can grab and command that corner stage. The fine acoustics and comfy, leather chairs donít hurt either.

True, it does get a little crowded and if youíre the type of person who canít stand the tight seating arrangements of a discount airline, you might think twice about stepping in here on a Saturday night.

Still, the compensation for that is you meet an awful lot of people who leave their screaming polemic politics at the door for a good time. To summarize, the Bunkhouse is one bar where the atmosphere is every bit as inviting as it is unselective.

[Photo: Clay Heximer]

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