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Who is Matt Goss?

Where: 4321 W Flamingo Rd [map], 89103-3903
August 31, 2009 at 5:18 PM | by | ()

So maybe we are not as up on our British Boy bands history as we should be because when we caught Matt Goss during a day rehearsal at the Palms Las Vegas this weekend we had absolutely no clue who he was. Turns out he was one-third of some early nineties British boy band called "Bros". Still no clue who he is? Neither do we, but as we stood there listening to him rock out, as dance pros tried out for a chance to be an official nightly back up dancer, his gig seemed very rock and roll.

He sounded a bit like Freddy Mercury, George Michaels, and Robin Thicke, but we would be willing to wager that his show might actually be good. During the sound was loungey with just enough rock thrown in. The lounge @ the Palms is a tiny venue but as good a place as any for a British comeback. Though is it really a comeback if you have never broken stateside in the first place? Either way Matt Goss begins performing every Friday and Saturday at the Palms starting this Friday, September 4th.

We would post his boy band era photo, but then you totally wouldn't believe us that this guy might actually put on a good show in 2009. So instead, after the jump we have a bit of video preview:

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