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Support for Local Custard Shack Swells After TV Star Diss

Where: 505 East Oakey Boulevard [map], 89104
September 18, 2009 at 11:57 AM | by | ()

Mindy Kaling, one of the cast members of the television show, The Office, apparently doesn’t love Luv-It Frozen Custard very much.

The actress, who plays Kelly Kapoor on the hit show, ragged on the few blocks surrounding the Vegas institution at 505 E. Oakley Blvd., one block from the Stratosphere.

Now, she’s the butt of a neighborhood’s ire, and the object of derision on a Facebook page.

The escapade played out on an episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” last week. Prior to Kaling’s appearance, Ferguson had recommended that she try Luv-It while she was in town to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. She did, just a few nights before the show. While she was there, she thought the hood was gross. Then she told him all about it—on air.

"We went to this frozen custard place in I believe the most dangerous and sketchy neighborhood I’ve ever been to in my entire life," Kaling said.

She described some of the people as "drug-addicts," "murderers" and a "pants-less man."

Locals, all of whom live on the edge of the John S. Park Historic Neighborhood, sprung into action defending their turf. One created the Facebook page titled "Las Vegas Downtown Neighbors & Luv-It Fans against Mindy Kaling."

Though yours truly is a rabid fan of "The Office," in this case Kaling is dead wrong. Luv-It is not only a Vegas institution; it sells damn good yogurt. The joint is worth the cab ride. And the neighborhood truly isn’t that bad.

[Photo: Ginger Bruner]

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