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The Five Best Sports Books in Las Vegas for 2010

January 25, 2010 at 11:38 AM | by | ()

Now that it's winter, it’s high time to head to a Las Vegas sports book. Between The Super Bowl and March Madness, there’s no shortage of reasons to spend inordinate amounts of time in these gambling Meccas.

In addition to being the best places to bet on sports, books are arguably the biggest and baddest sports bars in town—the perfect spot to grab a cold one (or six) and sit back to watch your team bring it home.

Not all sports books, however, are created equal. We created a list of the best Vegas venues to place your sports bets back in 2005, but this is a different city in 2010. Places have changed and so has the technology.

So after years of taking points, giving points, parlaying and teasing, yours truly has pulled together this list of the best of the best. Here are the Best Five Sports Books in town, with a rundown on what makes each of them worth your time.

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Archived Comments:

Wynn and Lagasse's Stadium

I like the Wynn the best bc its still close to the casino action but feels posher than the other sports books. Although, Lagasse is cool bc it has its own little booths with personal flat-screen TVs and couches. Sort of like VIP seating.


i saw a few of these yesterday, and caesar was definitely the best for atmosphere


Haven't been to Wynn or Palazzo yet, but Bellagio's book will give you free drinks just for sitting there, whether you are betting or not, for somebody that's a $20 a game bettor like me, that's pretty good.


How could you not mention the Superbook. This is by far still the BEST Sportsbook in Vegas. Not to mention the World's Largest! Every Sportsbook in Vegas Sets their lines by The Superbook. I've been to EVERY sportsbook in Vegas, and I always go back to the Las Vegas Hilton Superbook !!! Best Lines, Best Options, Free Drinks, and biggest. Not the prettiest, but hey I'm there for the money not the decor. They are the Baskin Robind of Sportsbooks. They have all the flavors!