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Sniffing Tuscan Leather and Tobacco Vanilla at Tom Ford

Where: 3720 S Las Vegas Blvd., [map], 89109
January 22, 2010 at 5:45 PM | by | ()

There's an interesting anecdote about fashion designer/film director Tom Ford that when he set out to create his first men's cologne, Black Orchid, he wanted it to smell like a man's crotch.

Well, now that Tom Ford has opened his first West Coast location in The Crystals you can do all the crotch-sniffing that you want. Sorry, we couldn't resist.

Yet dirty jokes aside, the men's clothing store has a cool jewel-box sort of set-up in the back room where all of Tom Ford's scents are on display.

When we popped in during the store's second week of being open, a sales lady was more than happy to give us an education on Tom Ford's Private Blend fragrance line.

There are some strange ones like Tuscan Leather which smells a bit like baby powder and leather. (NY Mag thinks it smells like something different.) We preferred the Vanilla Musk which may be the safest one of the bunch but if these colognes are meant to be unisex, this is the one women can safely wear without smelling like a man. You just need a sugar daddy to buy it for you as these specialty scents start at $180.

Tom Ford is open in The Crystals at CityCenter from 10am to midnight.

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I believe the story that he wanted it to smell like a man's crotch. It's Tom Ford here! He's all sex! And just think of the awesomeness of sniffing that....thinking "hmm what is that, it's so familiar?" "Oh yea...it's like scrote!" Hilarious.