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The Geeks are Recreating The Hangover At CES

January 8, 2010 at 4:04 PM | by | ()

Somewhere on the Strip, this was happening this morning

We always knew geeks like to let their hair down, but partying to Hangover proportions? We’re impressed. The Twittersphere was awash this morning with CES attendees logging the parties they’d been to but the one that really caught our eye came from @jpuopolo.

He started yesterday off well tweeting about “booth babes” and “cool tech”. Then he told us he was off to the CNET party at the Palms. At 2am he tweeted that “Trying to behave in Vegas is like trying to keep a fat kid away from a smartie”.

Looks like he ate the smartie. Because at 8am he made the following announcement:

I totally just lost a tooth in Vegas during a CNET party for CES - I totally feel like a character out of the Hangover

Dear Jpuopolo, we have no idea who you are, apart from that you come from Toronto, but you are officially our favourite CES attendee. And if you send us a toothless pic, we’ll give you another smartie.

[Photo: All Movie Photo]

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