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The Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Looks Damn Scary To Us

October 15, 2010 at 2:41 PM | by | ()

With our friends from home in town, there was one thing we were going to do on their last day yesterday: see Crazy Girls the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.

And as luck would have it, it turned out that yesterday happened to be the day of the grand dedication/opening ceremony of the Hoover Dam bypass bridge.

We didnt go up on the bridge turns out it wont actually be open to drive across for another couple of weeks, and one of the security guards told us the predicted date is November 1 but having had a good stare at it from the dam level, were debating whether wed actually dare drive across it. Now that its complete, its no less scary-looking than it was when it was half done.

The stats: its 890ft high, the longest concrete arch in the western hemisphere and 1,900ft long. And its bloody terrifying.

Would you? Drop your comments in below.

Archived Comments:

Bypass (as in Heart Attack)

HECK NO!! LOL I'll take the long 3MPH route over the damn.  There is only one way off that thing and its down!
I'll meet you on the other side :-)

no you won't

beacuse i'll be in the car on the damn with you. my housemate reckons a crane was pushed off the bridge by the wind last winter, so there's no way i'm putting my crappy little car to the test

Of Course I Will!

I'm sure that bridge has undergone some outrageous testing... and I can't wait to not wait!  The days of sitting in traffic -- on no sleep, with a hangover -- for 90 minutes just to get through the damn dam after a crazy weekend in Vegas are over!

close your eyes

just close your eyes and go fast, and you'll be accross in no time.  I'm sure they are probably gonna close the DAM to cross traffic eventually.  makes sense.

Dam Neat

When the bridge opens the highway on the AZ side of the dam will close.  You can still drive across the dam to the parking areas but no through street.  So, if you're going for a drive in AZ you WILL have to cross the bridge--or go via Laughlin.

However, I did read that the sides of the bridge are equal to or above the top-of-a-car level so that when driving you won't actually see over the side.  They didn't want lookie-loos (that's not peeping toilets for you Brits) to sight-see whilst (that is Brit) driving.

Stunts Please!

Liked the dam when it was featured in the movies Vegas Vacation and Lost in America (nest egg), but it doesn't compare to the movie stunt possibilities of the bridge!

yay stunts

stunts would be awesome as long as they don't take place when i'm driving. @jgbpdx nice one on the britishisms but i take issue with whilst, that's  a word that's only cropped up in the last few years and part of the joy of coming to america was seeing you lot don't use it. it's not real english, i loathe it. or, as you might say, i could care less for it.