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Inside The Four Seasons Las Vegas (We Hope You Like Gold)

Where: 3960 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89119
October 22, 2010 at 4:00 PM | by | ()

Last week we posted a video tour of the Four Seasons Las Vegas and now as promised, here is the full review.

Check In @ the Four Seasons Las Vegas
They had us at hello. Usually when we arrive in Vegas after a five-hour plane ride, monorail ride at LAS, and sometimes a long wait for a taxi we are filled with dread.

Why? Because just when you are ready to crash in your hotel bed you have to put up with long check in lines and sometimes, prepare yourself for the fact that when you get to the front of the line you might not even have a room, despite your reservation -- yeah.

Not to worry though, not at the Four Seasons Las Vegas where check-in lines are non-existent, desk clerks are friendly and they even offer you a free bottle of water. Smooth FSLV, very smooth.

Room Reaction
We were in room 36322, which was a spacious well-lit room. Wait? Why are we starting this paragraph with "spacious" and "well lit" -- well, let us ask you this -- do you love gold? Really love gold? This room is full of golden fixtures that we are sure Donald Trump and his ilk find comforting but gold fixtures are off putting to us.

It just feels old, tired and 80's excessive, kind of like Gordon Gekkos' giant cell phone in the first "Wall Street."

Other than our aversion to golden rooms, this room was comfortable and allotted plenty of room around the desk for a proper work day. Furthermore, the room had a massive amount of storage space -- shelves, two closets on either side of the television, and a regular sized closet next to the mini bar.

Thus, if you were coming to Vegas for a week long convention and needed a good place to spread out and work, room 36322 would fit the bill.

Four Seasons service is known far and wide as being top notch, so when we heard an incessant whistle coming from the window in our room we not only called down to the front desk but also tweeted the issue.

Incredibly, FSLV responded to both our call and our tweet in record time. In a matter of minutes engineering was up in our room layering duct tape (of course) onto the window in our room. Apparently, when heavy winds come from the mountains there is nothing to stop them until they reach, you guessed it, the Mandalay tower.

According to the FS engineer there is really nothing that can be done about this it just happens every so often, yet duct tape immediately kills the horrible whistle. Problem solved, and Four Seasons service reputation in tact.

Pool Scene
The pool is a small private pool off of the main Mandalay pool. Again, the advantage is you don't have to put up with the crowds of the main pool, yet can visit it if you like.

By now you probably know that the Four Seasons sits atop the Mandalay Bay on floors 35 - 39 of the building. No need rehashing where the Mandalay is located, however, the big secret of staying at FSLV is that you get unfettered access to a private elevator to your room. No need to wait for eons for the Mandalay proper elevator only to ride up to your room with drunken Mandalay'ers.

Nope, you swipe a key card, hang out on a comfy couch while waiting very briefly for one of two private elevators to show up and whisk you off to your room. Very nice.

If you are willing to pony up close to $100 over whatever the mountain view room is running you can snag yourself a strip view room. Obviously, as you can see from the photos, we stuck with mountain view, which also affords you a view of LAS and, more importantly, front row seats to Cloud 9's floating entertainment all day long.

$195. Not bad at all, but we were able to snag a corporate discount rate. Yes you have to pay $14.95 per day for WiFi and it is a bummer, but this is Vegas, where free in-room wifi is almost non existent.

Who should consider staying here?
Business folks who are looking to get great service, avoid Vegas check in/elevator lines, and don't mind "golden" rooms.

Bottom Line
As we have stated, golden rooms are not our thing, that said there are a lot of reasons to stay here if you get a good rate: great service, semi -private elevator, and you get to avoid a lot of the Las Vegas Resort headaches. That said, you have to weigh the price here -- if it get above $199 there are plenty of other options in Vegas that might be more your style.

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