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Steaks, Women, Buddha and Bass Can All Be Found at Botero

November 2, 2010 at 6:15 PM | by | ()

There are few things in life that make us happier than a perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked steak. Thankfully, Botero at Encore Las Vegas was able to deliver both the other week.

We got all fancied up in our nicest business casual attire to dine with a friend for the first time at Botero and it's a good thing we took the time with our appearances. That's because we noticed that all the servers at Botero were some extremely good-looking women. Usually at good steakhouses we expect to see an older, large white man with a stained apron. But this is how they do it in Vegas, and we like it.

Once we got done admiring the flanks of the servers, er steaks, we turned our eyes to the giant Buddha siting in a pool of shallow water in the middle of the restaurant. Our moment of art appreciation however was interrupted by the faint sounds of "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice pumping through the speakers. Of course, that could have been pumping through the walls as we were next to XS. After a while the boom booms from XS were easily part of our dinner.

We only spent about 10 seconds looking at the menu before knowing we wanted a New York strip with a whipped potato and mozzarella side. However, it took a while for us to read through the massive wine list for a bottle under $100.

After not ordering appetizers we were warned that steaks take bout 25 minutes to prepare which was fine with us as it gave us time to take in the atmosphere, wine and good conversation. And maybe look at those servers again.

When the food did arrive, our steak was seasoned to perfection with ample salt and pepper and cooked to medium with a lovely pink center. The steak also had a great sear to it and was mouthwateringly juicy. In fact, we barely touched the interesting whipped potato concoction because we feared it would take up valuable space in our stomach, which we wanted to reserve for the steak. All in all, as self-described steak snobs, we'd rank Botero as having the best steak in Vegas.

The only drawbacks to Botero was the awful coffee that we had at the end of dinner that the thumping bass from XS that got louder as the restaurant emptied. If you're keen to dine here, we recommend making an early reservation as the music nearly ruined the meal.

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Botero & XS

In addition to going early, you could go on a night when XS is dark (Tues-Thurs).


Great point for the non-weekend travelers!


The statue is Botero's "Seated Woman".  
It used to sit in the garden at Wing Lei.  


Thanks voh2ox2. I'm not an art guy or religious guy. :)