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VegasChatter's 5 Most Predictable Halloween Costumes for 2010

October 29, 2010 at 12:55 PM | by | ()

A party full of Holly Madison's sounds like a party we want to be at.

Vegas is undeniably a Halloween destination. Whether for a party like the Fetish and Fantasy Ball or one of the several annual haunted events like Fright Dome, there are plenty options to get your ghoul on.

Which means we expect to see the Strip full of naughty nurses, pimps, sexy witches, playboy bunnies, Elvis and the like this weekend. But it’s originality that scores the party prizes so we hope to see some creative costumes and clever celeb imitations. Yet we know that we’ll inevitably see some of the same themes repeated.

Which getups will be the most overdone this year – a.k.a 2009’s Sarah Palin or Heath Ledger’s Joker? Our Top 5 predictions:

Lady Gaga: While we predict multiple Gagas at every party, there are so many Gaga getups to choose from we shouldn't get bored by repetition. Which one Lady Gaga will be the most prevelant: Meat dress Gaga? Pokerface Gaga? Bedazzled Lobster? Bloody Paparazzi?

Jersey Shore: Groups may go all out as the whole crew but but we expect to see a lot of Snooki’s and Situation's. Both are all too easy costumes to put together on a budget. Snooki: Tons of tanner, a bumpit, an ill-fitting dress, and a pair of hoola hoops for the ears will do the trick. Add lots of liquids and attach face to guido. Done. The Situation: That same tanner, some jeans, tight t-shirt optional. Whether the torso is covered or not they'll be sure to show off the abs - which can be bought if they don't gots 'em. Grenades: Go get 'em.

Lindsay Lohan: Slap your largest Casio on an ankle, choose a party dress or sweatshirt and voila. Redheads, brunettes, and blondes alike can pull off the Lohan. Have multiple parties to attend? No problem! Blondes can fill a designer purse with their fav white powder (we suggest flour) and float between channeling Lindsay or Paris for the night. Or start the night as Snooki and you’ll no doubt look like our LL pic by morning.

Brett Favre: One for the guys: Don your fav #4 jersey if you haven’t burned it yet or step out in a t-shirt and Wranglers. But most importantly try to show your junk to as many uninterested hot chicks as possible.

Tim Lincecum: This is our sleeper pick for dude costumes given the Giants are in the World Series, Lincecum has a win, and timing is everything. All that’s needed is a wig and baseball or skull cap. Funny smelling cigarettes optional. And if you find yourself amongst Rangers fans you just tell 'em you're the kid from Dazed and Confused.

Give us your predictions for most predictable costumes this year. More Alice in Wonderland or Twilight characters? Will Vegas finally go Carrot Top crazy? Have you seen some original or overdone getups already? Better yet, send us your pictures! Us? We’ll be honoring Miami Mustache, of course.

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Archived Comments:

Trick r' Treat

Big time Timmie Jim is definitely a sleeper.  I can imagine there being a few hundred Hugh Hefner's running around as well.  Maybe with Holly even.  PUFFIN!  

Chilean Miners

Early reports from the street are spotting a lot of Chilean Miners.  Not sure if the costumes are trapped miners, freed miners, or both.

And that doesn't even count the real-life chilean miners who I believe are actually in Vegas this weekend?