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Marley Quits Zowie Bowie, Vegas Sheds A Tear

October 5, 2010 at 12:11 PM | by | ()

That rain this weekend? That was the skies weeping

Saturday night was an emotional one for us. We watched the memory of Michael Jackson being trampled on. We got tired and emotional at a birthday party. And we mourned the loss of one of our favorite performers – Marley from Zowie Bowie announced she was leaving the band on Friday night via their Twitter account:

After a 10 year run, I have decided to resign from Zowie Bowie. Thanks to all of the fans that have given me so much love. xo Marley

And now that we’ve recovered from spending the last two days sobbing, we’re finding out what she’s moved onto. From the looks of her new Twitter account, it seems she’s ploughing all her energy into the David Perrico Group (David Perrico being her boyfriend), and they’ll be performing at the Tropicana every Wednesday night at 10pm with no cover charge (hallelujah). She’ll be accompanied by a 10 piece band and they’ll be performing original compositions.

Meanwhile, what about lovely Chris Phillips? According to Robin Leach last night, he’ll keep the gig at Red Rock, and will still call the show Zowie Bowie, but instead of replacing Marley, he’ll have a different glamorous assistant every week. This week, Lorena Peril from Fantasy. Next, Angelica Bridges. Surely this is the opportunity Holly Madison’s been waiting for!

We’re gutted that they’ve split, of course, because we loved them to pieces, both performance-wise and personally, but because we love them, we’re prepared to set them free. Marley, Chris, we hope you go on to bigger and better things. And we forgive you making us cry.


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