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A Glimpse Inside Rachel Uchitel's Vegas

November 15, 2010 at 6:25 PM | by | ()

When the news broke last year that Tiger Woods was carrying on an affair with Vegas club hostess Rachel Uchitel, who later turned out to be one of many girls Tiger ordered on demand hooked up with, we were curious about what her job really entailed. Was it really just looking hot and making sure that guys ordered bottle after bottle after bottle of alcohol? Or was there more to it?

Now thanks to Uchitel's latest interview with the Daily Mail, we learn a little bit more about her job responsibilities at Tao and later, The Bank. And yes, they included hookers.

"My job was to get the high-rollers, or whales – as we called them – into the club and give them anything and everything they wanted to have the best night of their lives – guys who would order 100 bottles of Cristal champagne in a night or even blow $500,000 [£300,000] on one night of partying.

"If they wanted steak, they got steak. If they wanted a certain song, I’d get it played on a loop all night. A Saudi prince loved Uptown Girl so I sent someone out to get it and that prince had Uptown Girl all night.

"And if they wanted girls, I’d get them girls, though you have to understand I never got involved in that side of things. Of course, some of the girls were hookers. And others would sleep with men for gifts. But I didn’t force anyone to do anything. These were consenting adults. I was there to work and make money. It was strictly business."

She claims she earned £300,000 a year: "I was paid well and got huge tips. I deserved it. I was good at my job."

That's $500,000 A YEAR! Just for looking hot, knowing other hot girls and for keeping a stash of Billy Joel CDs in your bag. Obviously, we are in the wrong business.

So now we're off to buy some clear heels, hair extensions and get our lips plumped. We may not come back but if you have any tips or inside scoop on what it takes to be a Vegas Club Hostess, let us know in comments below! We're on a crash-training course!

[Photo: Zichi/Posterous]

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Is it a bit nippy in here?

Going by the picture, I would say that each hostess should have a stash of Body Perks as seen on Sex and the City to keep that "perky" look.