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Harrah's Says 'No Soup For You' (Well, When It Comes to Free WiFi)

Where: 3475 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
November 17, 2010 at 6:46 PM | by | ()

At VegasChatter we're all pretty much geeks that never leave home without a computer. And here in Vegas, we're getting so used to free WiFi as part of the controversial resort fees that we've grown accustom to having WiFi whenever and wherever we want to.

Alas, Harrah's properties don't charge a resort fee so when it comes to WiFi, all of their properties vary in their offerings. Some like Planet Hollywood have free WiFi hotspots throughout (like at Earl's Sandwiches) and some don't, as we recently learned at the namesake Harrah's Hotel and Casino.

We were sad to find out that even with multiple Starbucks locations inside the casino there is no free WiFi on the premises whatsoever. Instead we would have to fork over $12.95 per day just to get on the old information superhighway.

But we've come up with a solution--instead of paying Harrah's, we'll walk next door and snag the good stuff from the Venetian. Go here to see where the Italians offer it for free. And then go here to see where else you can get it free in Vegas.

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One More Place

I just found out on Monday that The Cup (the coffee spot inside Crystals at CityCenter) offers free WiFi, too. If you're at ARIA, it's just a quick walk next door.

Good eye!

Didn't know that one...good eye!

I have to see if the adjacent McD's has wi-fi like the others. Will save about two minutes of a walk with this stupid overnight laptop bag.

Not Really Starbucks

These on-site Starbucks stores (like in supermarkets, airports too, for example) are owned and operated by whatever property they are in (licensed, somewhat like a franchise but different).  Hence, no free Sbux wifi.

I remember when Sbux was totally corporate owned and did not license.  They still don't franchise so all "outside" stores are corporate.


I didn't realize that about Starbucks. Thanks for the heads up...that explains the difference between Starbucks and Coffee Bean.  


you also can't use your starbucks card in the licensed starbucks. and the coffee's just as crap, so there's zero reason to go there.

WiFi in Vegas? Who cares?

Okay, I understand needing Internet access in your room; but, I'm guessing the vast majority of Vegas visitors don't care about free WiFi in casinos.  This post comes across as just another unnecessary slam of Harrah's.  (The ageist posts make this site appear petty.  You writers are going to get old one day, you know.)  Frankly, I'm not sure why you are hating on Harrah's, since you admit you aren't having to pay a resort fee.  

free wifi

I was out and about today off the strip and only needed about an hour of wifi time. When I was done foresting for nothing, I headed to Palazzo and stopped @ Cafe Presse for coffee and wifi access > $5.

Harrah's treats me very well and I have zero hate for them.  That is why my last 4 trips have had me at Harah's properties.  I would just rather not pay for something that I don't have to.

BTW, when you see my 1980's room at Harrah's you'll understand why I didn't want to stay there. :)


PS: Julia, drink some tea. :)