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Someone Should Really Invent Card Snapper Repellent

November 2, 2010 at 7:05 PM | by | ()

Card snappers are an ugly fact of life on The Strip in Las Vegas. In fact, we find the mere presence of these aggressive card snappers more offensive than the naked lady cards (adverts for strip clubs) they hand out and subsequently litter on the street.

Yes, you could argue that the card snappers are just trying to make a living but until the city really cracks down on this annoying practice, we can only hope that someone out there is working on some card snapper repellent. Why's that? Well, check out this recent comment from one of our readers:

I have a hearing impaired friend that was badly frightened when he walked into a "nest" of card snappers. Kinda scary when you can't hear the cards but see these people rushing up to you. They were definitely in his face.

Can't they put these snappers off the strip? During the construction of City Center, pedistrians [sic] could only use one side of LV Blvd and the snappers were hell to get through.

Is there some kind of snapper repellent or something to keep snappers away?

Ugh. So not only are card snappers scaring off people with their aggressive tactics, they also pose a lot of safety and traffic risks on the sidewalks where they congregate. Man, we wish Criss Angel's Magic Kit involved some sort of snapper repellent. Hey, maybe doing Criss Angel's magic IS the repellent! We're ordering ours today!

We have so many questions to ask you--Should card snappers be outlawed? Have you ever called a number seen on a card? What happened? What are you most successful tricks for keep card snappers at bay? How do you explain the naked ladies on the card to your children? Tell us all in comments below!

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Archived Comments:

What I do..

Here's what I say to move em away.

"I have to pee"
"I have to poo"
"Bad Knee"
"I paid for him/her (depending on friend)"

All work and some get laughs when the dudes understand me.

Check it Out

I believe at one time many years back..mid-90's maybe during the "family" phase of Vegas, an ordinance was passed outlawing this practice.  Sometimes you can see the remnants of the white-painted curb to denote the "resort zone."

But, the purveyors sued on 1st Amendment grounds and the ordinance was overturned in court.  Thus, the snappers returned.  But I clearly remember a time without them and signs posted with the white curbs denoting the illegality of the practice.

Card Snappers are Mostly Harmless

You don't have to be hearing-impaired to be startled by the card snappers. At least the first time you encounter them.

But, like similar panhandlers and homeless people, the card snappers are usually fairly easy to ignore and move along.

The folks I find most annoying are the time-share/vacation salespeople who pounce on you on your way into the casinos (Seems like it is usually at Harrah's properties) offering you "free" tickets to shows. It is almost worth paying a resort fee to avoid the Tijuana-esque atmosphere.

I agree

the time-share people in some ways are even worse.  they lead you to believe they work for the hotel, and often grab incoming guests.  it takes the guests some time before they realize what is happening.  As far as the card-snappers, it helps that i am a large dude.  i give them a dirty look...and they tend to back off but that doesn't stop them from sticking out their crap.

tell them your gay

tell you want men not women and they get offened.they should have men on the cards  and you can always call imagration if that doesnt work.lol