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The Vegas Slogan Is So Good, Even Twilight Wants To Steal It

Where: Forks, WA [map]
November 3, 2010 at 11:40 AM | by | ()

VegasChatter loves to travel (what with being the little sibling to HotelChatter and Jaunted and all) and in fact, this particular section of VC has been on the road for much of the last few weeks.

We have seen lots of your beautiful country. We’ve fallen in love with some states (hey, Colorado) and been severely disappointed by others (pull your socks up, Washington). But one of the things we’ve noticed that binds them all together is their love for Vegas. Well, kind of - the sheer amount of Vegas-related souvenirs is what we actually mean.

So today, we’re starting a little series of Vegas On Tour posts, detailing our favorite finds from around the country. And we’re starting off with our most recent discovery – we found this in Forks, WA just the day before yesterday. Yes, we went to Twilight central. What can we say, we love Edward and Bella forevs were on another important assignment.

The guy in the shop we bought it (Native to Twilight – if you go to Forks, you must go there) said that it’s a line from the films. Not being proper Twihards, we’re not sure – but either way, we know where it originated.

Yup, the most successful movie of the Cullen family’s cumulative lifespan is turning to Vegas for ideas for memorabilia. Makes you feel pretty smug, don’t it?

Obviously, having bought the sticker ($2.75) we are now legally prevented from telling you what happened in Forks. Promise it was wild.

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Line in Twilight

It most definitely is a line in Twlight and I'm seething with jealousy that you were there!

i must i must

watch it again now i've been there. or at least read the book(s)