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The Top 5 Diamond Lounges in Vegas

December 24, 2010 at 1:15 PM | by | ()

Here's a little Christmas present from us to you--The Top 5 Diamond Lounges in Vegas!

Even though we aren't the highest of rollers we like to gamble…hence the name. Coming from the east coast we've spent a lot of money time at Harrah's Caesars properties as Caesars owns four of the 11 casinos in Atlantic City.

We've slowly but surely learned some techniques to climb the rankings in the Total Rewards system from lowly entry level Gold to the second highest tier of Diamond. We'll never spend enough money gambling to reach the highest tier, Seven Stars but we're cool with that.

Our favorite "privilege" of being a Diamond level member is access to the Diamond Lounges (or Diamond Club). Diamond Lounges are places to relax and get a complimentary drink (or eight), maybe a light snack and just to escape the carnival of the casino for a little while.

So here's our Top 5 Diamond Lounges in Vegas and why.

· 1. Planet Hollywood: Three rooms, largest HDTV ever, fantastic staff.
· 2. Harrahs: Newly remodeled, fantastic staff, comfy seating.
· 3. Paris Las Vegas: Also newly remodeled, computers with internet access, nice staff.
· 4. Rio Las Vegas: Hidden on second floor, very loungy (even if decor is 10 years old), nice staff.
· 5. Caesars Palace: Large, comfortable, computers with internet access, plenty of TV's, mediocre staff.

Overwhelmingly, the theme with Caesars Diamond Lounges is fantastic service. Some are better than others but Planet Hollywood is always top notch. Now that we've dished on our top lounges, tell us what are your favorites and why in comments below!

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