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Cowboy Clowns and Bret Michaels Hit The Strip This Weekend

December 3, 2010 at 12:06 PM | by | ()

Bret Michaels loves him some Vegas

Well, we missed Holly Madison’s birthday at Tao last night which means we need to party doubly hard this weekend to make up for it, although the clubs aren’t exactly making it easy for us, what with the celeb count right down to nearly nada.

Tonight, Steve Little (we assume this one of Eastbound and Down is at Jet, and UFC President Dana White hosts a benefit for TJ Lavin and Ty Pinney at Vanity (hospital bills don’t pay themselves, you know). Tomorrow, if your weekend plans involve pulling a cowboy or girl, your top spot will be PBR Rockbar, which will be hosted by a “rodeo clown” called Flint Rasmussen who is, apparently, the finest rodeo clown in bullriding circles. Want something more/less painful (delete according to preference)? Bret Michaels is not only hosting, but also performing, at The Bank. Or for something approximating proper clubbing, it’s Oakenfold night over at Rain.

But if you’re still around on Monday, it’s the first ever American Country Awards at MGM Grand. Now that will be something.

[Photo: OK Magazine]

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Bret Michaels

Bret is also the post Vegas marathon performer 11am on Sunday.  Outdoor and free if you need to get some Bret.

More on Brett...

He was spotted last night on Fremont Street with a hooker. NOT Miley's mom.


Or next Rock of Love applicant?