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Two New Clubs Will Open on New Year's Eve: XOXO Supperclub and Savile Row

December 6, 2010 at 1:44 PM | by | ()

UPDATE: It looks like XOXO Supperclub will NOT be opening on New Year's Eve. Bummer. But we got word from Angel that it will open later in 2011. We'll keep you posted on the timeline.

It really is fascinating all that you can learn about Las Vegas from Facebook. Why just the other night as we were fighting some Fouro Loko insomnia, we caught this Facebook update from the Angel Management Group--the nightlife company that recently acquired Pure Management Group.

Savile Row is debuting on New Years Eve. There will be a casting call this Wednesday December 8th.

The casting call will be held at LAX at The Luxor and according to Leachie, it looks like this will replace the Noir Bar.

Heading over to Savile Row's own Facebook page we don't seem to learn much more except that it just joined Facebook, like the other day. Then when we skipped over to Angel's website, we didn't see Savile Row listed but did see another joint opening up on New Year's Eve in Vegas--The XOXO Supperclub.

Opening on New Years Eve 2010/11, XOXO is Las Vegas' first Supperclub, a high energy indoor / outdoor restaurant and lounge offering a premier dining experience which evolves into a nightlife atmosphere after the plates are cleared.

We've actually got some scoop on this one. It will open at Hard Rock and will replace the AGO restaurant. A tipster tells us it will have a "really nice outdoor patio with full bar adjacent to the existing pool."

Sounds cool. Now we just need to find out more about what Savile Row will be like. Got the bespoke scoop? Let us know!

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is the most ridiculous name ever. i'm boycotting it on principle.