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The Stripper Mobile Returns for The Kids While Hookers Stump for Jesus

December 7, 2010 at 7:00 PM | by | ()

It's been a while since we checked in on the sexy side of Vegas so we've got a double dose for ya today. Except this is not quite what we were expecting. Is today Opposite Day in Vegas?

8 News Now is reporting that our favorite banned mobile in all of Vegas is coming back and this time it's for an even gooder cause than ogling women on a pole in a moving van. Yes, we're talking about The Stripper Mobile!

According to our tipster, the ladies will be working the pole-in-motion on Friday.

[Little] Darlings has been collecting donations to help children in need. On Friday, they are loading up the donations (almost $20K) with probably a Santa and some strippers and driving to NV Energy to drop off the donations for the KLUC toy drive.

Ultimately the donations will go to the HELP organization of Southern Nevada. Hopefully, they won't mind this kind of donation.

Also not to be forgotten this holiday season are the hookers.

As we mentioned a while back, a new TV show is debuting tomorrow night all about hookers, specifically Hookers for Jesus. The three-part reality show is called, "Hookers: Saved on The Strip" and each episode will detail how a hooker was saved from the nitty gritty life on the Strip.

At the heart of each show is Annie, who worked in Vegas for over a decade but managed to get herself out of the skin trade and now helps other women escape the "web of sex trafficking."

Jezebel has a snippet from an interview with Annie on the Today show and you can watch a preview on the Investigation Discovery website. Or you can just wait for our full recap on Thursday.

[Photos: Leila Navidi/Las Vegas Sun and Investigation Discovery]

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$20k in toys

There's so many comments and questions to be asked about that many but they're just all wrong.

So I'll just congratulate the stripper mobile for giving back...