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A Glimpse Of The Tropicana's New Ambhar Lounge

Where: 3801 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89109
December 9, 2010 at 12:02 PM | by | ()

While we were at the Trop the other day we got our first look at the new Ambhar Lounge out by the Tiffany Theater – the latest stage in le Trop Transformation.

For a casino bar, we rather like it – it pretty much has the area to itself so it’s a place you wouldn’t mind actually sitting down and having a drink (as in fact we did). And because it’s removed from the casino floor, it’s nice and calm. And plenty of seats is also a good thing.

Thing is, by calling it a “lounge” they’re automatically catapulting it (mentally at least) into the same league as things like Blush and Gold Lounge, and when it comes to that, there’s no comparison. This isn’t a destination drinking hole, it’s just a pleasant casino bar.

However, we’re all for pleasant casino bars with plenty of seating space. So we’ll let it slide this time – just adjust your expectations before you go.

Archived Comments:

Sports Bar is more like it

 They turn the volume up on any game they decide to play on the big screen to the point that it is louder than being in the Casino ....FAIL

Is Edmundo still there?

As long as Edmundo is still maixing his bloody marys there, ill keep going back.

not sure

i didn't meet an edmundo but will ask next time i drop by