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So What Attracted This Hot 21 Year Old To Millionaire Terry Fator?

February 11, 2010 at 2:01 PM | by | ()

Looks like Fato's as confused as we are by this

The most interesting part of the Sports Illustrated red carpet at Jet last night? Deciding that Terry Fator is a bit of an idiot.

Hands up first – we’ve never seen Fator perform ourselves, but we’d heard great stuff about him from people who had seen his show – that he was “normal” and “humble”, that he lets you take photos during his show, and comes out afterwards to sign as many autographs as you throw at him. Ventriloquists don't normally do it for us, but he sounded nice enough.

Which is why we were a bit disappointed by his appearance on the red carpet with his 21-year-old girlfriend and former assistant, Taylor Makakoa. On a side note, the luscious Norm Clarke revealed that the two had got together last July, just 10 days after Fator announced his divorce from his wife of 18 years. Classy. But we’ll hold back the judgement.

Anyway, Terry and Taylor strolled the red carpet looking ever so chuffed with themselves, posted for more photos than we wanted to take, and took about three hours10 minutes doing interviews. All fine.

But then, instead of going into the party like everyone else, they just porked off home. Walking the red carpet for the sake of walking the red carpet? We think there’s a name for that. Oh yes. Famewhores.

Anyway, two questions for the Fator. First, just how much trouble did he get in for not being able to spell his girlfriend’s surname to photographers, as happened on the red carpet? Second, doesn’t he think that knowing your girlfriend of seven months’ name is kind of a prerequisite for a relationship?

Oh, and third, has he ever looked at pictures like this and wondered what first attracted a hot 20-year-old to a middle-aged multi-millionaire ventriloquist?

Well done, Fato, you just shot up to the top of our famewhore list.

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i wonder

Hmmm I wonder why she's going out with him? He looks pretty pleased with himself!

Spelling - really?

The writers of this article dare to crit Fator's spelling, yet they make atrocious spelling errors themselves. How do you "posted for more photos" and "just porked off". You even have a spelling checker yet still manage to make such big blunders while criting someone else for the same thing. "Deciding that Terry Fator is a bit of an idiot." proves that the writers are even bigger idiots, and jealous ones too.

I can tell you why she's with him using one letter


Ok, I added a something  to each letter, but you get my drift.


He can be her...um dad!

Now here is a millionaire dollar dare...ask her to spell ventriloquist!

I Know...

So What Attracted This Hot 21 Year Old To Millionaire Terry Fator...He's good with his mouth. LOL!

chatter come to live

Now I know why it is called vegasCHATTER!  Slow news day or what? Leave the guy alone.

I heard...

His ex caught him with his hand stuffed up the girls dress...he claimed she was just some dummy... he was trying to make her say oohh and ahhh. Then Terry was called by his ex's divorce lawyer.

Why in the World?

Why in the world doe Terry Fator go out with a 21 year old millionaire? Because he can.....;)~