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Food Critics Dish on Sage and TWIST at CityCenter

Where: 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. [map], 89109
February 16, 2010 at 8:09 PM | by | ()

Every week, we get our cyber foodie news from around the world fix via Esquire columnist,John Mariani’s Newsletter, Virtual Gourmet. Mariani is also the author of The Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink and The Dictionary of Italian Food and Drink.

We were especially tickled this Valentine’s Day to find Las Vegas food critic, John A. Curtas weighing in on two of our top new "wish list" restaurants at CityCenter, TWIST by Pierre Gagnaire at Mandarin Oriental and Sage at ARIA Hotel & Casino. We paraded through the former on a recent media trip, and partook in an absinthe tasting at the latter, but have yet to dine at either. Soon, our pretties, very soon. You can read a teaser of John’s reviews here, or click here for the real, mouth-watering deal.

TWIST by Pierre Gagnaire at Mandarin Oriental

Pierre Gagnaire’s food can be, by turns, exhilarating, awesome, drop-your-fork-delicious, befuddling and infuriating. And that's just a single appetizer. Be prepared for all of those emotions and you can have one of the great restaurant experiences of your life. Walk in thinking you're going to have a conventional big-deal meal, and there's no telling what feeling(s) you will experience.

Sage at ARIA Hotel & Casino

Shawn McClain's Sage may be the most significant restaurant to open in Las Vegas in the past three years. As good as Twist by Pierre Gagnaire is, in the end it is a restaurant that challenges the diner. Sage serves up cuisine every bit as hyper-delicious and creative, but with a Midwestern sensibility that makes it more approachable for non-foodies as well as curious and demanding gourmands.

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