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Don't You Forget: Casino Security Will Mess You Up Quick

March 3, 2010 at 4:42 PM | by | ()

"The real crime here is not having Kate Bosworth is this picture, Larry."

You’ve seen how Hollywood plays out the scene. Casino security monitors the blackjack table from the eye in the sky, confirms the savvy gamblers cheaters are counting cards, then sends Larry Fishburne down for a loooooooooong, slow walk to the table. Then either a calm discussion convinces the heroes culprits to follow security to the “office”, or chips are jammed into pockets before the winners scoundrels head for the exits. In both cases, security never breaks stride or works up a sweat.

While we believe most things we see in movies and are anxiously awaiting our turn to fly to another world and hang out with hot, blue skinned chicks, Hollywood seems to underestimate just how quickly casino security can move.

Take our experience: Wandering through Monte Carlo late night in search of our next lucky table. To our right, a group of rowdy frat boys scream and high five each other after hitting 21. In front of us, three middle aged men silently place their bets.

Who would you have your eye on? We didn’t have time to decide since the suits never made that leisurely stroll to the table. No segway cops zoomed up either. Instead, a dozen security officers pounced from nowhere all up in the silent guys’ business. We heard a quick shout then witnessed one of the men get picked up and thrown down to the ground in one quick motion. His cohorts were right there along side him in seconds getting cuffs slapped on and whisked away faster than you could say “winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

No chips were thrown in the air, no tables flipped over. But the scene was still the most exciting free show on the Strip we’ve seen in awhile. Kudos, casino security, kudos.

We believe the count was +5 after they left. Not that we know what that means because we don’t level the odds cheat.

[Photo: About.com: Hollywood Movies]

Archived Comments:

For real?

Wow, and at the Monte Carlo?  I thought this stuff only happened in movies.

for real

Yep, really happened. We were so surprised to witness it ourselves we failed to take our camera out. That, and we were kinda nervous we'd be taken down next for even thinking about capturing it for the scrapbook...


At Monte Carlo?


they must have been adding to their bets  or taking away from them. that would NEVER happen to an AP.