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Drinking the Eiffel Tower Actually Deserves A Little Respect

March 2, 2010 at 6:03 PM | by | ()

Drinking the Eiffel Tower under the Eiffel Tower. See what we did there?

Ever wandered along the Strip and looked down on the people guzzling away at their Eiffel/Stratosphere towers as if their lives depended on it? So have we, friends. So have we. But however much we told ourselves souvenir drinks are so touristy and so trashy and so ghastly, there was always a little part of us despo to try it out ourselves. So when we got the occasion to indulge in some Stripside drinking thanks to our stay at Caesars last week, we knew exactly what we’d be chugging. And it would be 12 inches and shaped like the Eiffel Tower.

And now we’ve done it, we can say how harshly we judged imbibers in the past. Because it takes a lot of guts to drink an Eiffel Tower and risk throwing those same guts out the next morning. It requires strength – both physical and mental. And finishing it is a feat on a par with the finals of the Nathan’s hot dog contest.

Things to know if you’re going to try it:
*Eiffel Towers cost $16 - value! We got ours at the main bar in Paris, where you can choose between ‘margaritas’ and ‘daiquiris’. We plumped for a strawberry margarita, though the only thing distinguishing from our friend's lemon daiquiri was its neon pink hue.
*They’re surprisingly heavy – so you may want to start off bringing down the tone drinking it at said bar, as you acclimatize to the weight, before taking it out on the town.
*They are superbly strong. Like, drunk-within-two-gulps-and-hungover-after-five strong. We jest you not.
*They’re even more sugary than you’d imagine. Despite being off our skulls within a matter of minutes, we spent much of the night worrying about “catching diabetes” off it.
*They make awesome photo ops. Not boring ones of you drinking it, but by themselves, in front of Vegas landmarks. We got a whole album of “the Eiffel Tower does the Strip” more than worthy of Facebook.
*They make great conversation starters. We got asked several times where we’d got ours from (umm, obviously some people were drunker than us), so if you’re on the pull this is definitely the way to go.

And most importantly, maybe because the hangover hits in within the first hour, from our and our friend’s experience, they leave you with zero hangover the next day. Not sure whether that proves or disproves the Everclear theory.

All in all, a most pleasant surprise. So go forth and imbibe. After all, what's good enough for Marky Mark...

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