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Five Reasons Why Kids Will Love the Palazzo

Where: 3325 Las Vegas Blvd. S. [map], 89109
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We're not keen on bringing kids with us every time we come to Vegas but if we must (and sometimes we must), we'd like to pick a place that we can enjoy just as much as our spawn. Excalibur and the Luxor might be more popular hotels with the kiddies for their themed decor, but the the castle and Egyptian shticks only go so far, especially with parents.

The Palazzo may not have the typical draws for kids—there's no "Tournament of Kings" here—but its perks make it the perfect hotel for the short set.

Find out five reasons why kids love suites at the Palazzo after the jump.

· The velvety couch
Although you may just see an L-shaped couch, kids see endless possibilities for making forts with the cushions and some blankets. Plus, the velvet material makes them want to lie down on it—and parents hope—go to bed.

· The DVD player
Since there's zero kiddie programming in the hotels, especially at night, a DVD player is a godsend for children and parents trying to keep them busy. Pack your copy of Up and several other goodies, and you'll be set.

· Sweet Surrender
Speaking of goodies, if your little one is acting like a snot and you need to dangle a carrot in front of him to behave, cupcakes from Sweet Surrender will do the trick—especially the chocolate ganache. Plus, the sweets shop is conveniently located near the elevators so you don't have to trek across the casino with your kid.

· The TV in the bathroom
This is one time your child won't fight you come bath time. The novelty of watching television amid bubbles will keep her entertained while you scrub her clean.

· The view
Try to snag a room with a view of Treasure Island. That way, when the "Sirens of TI" show comes on, Junior will actually be able to see all of the action. Shorties who try to watch the show in front of TI have a hard time seeing because the tall adult tourists block their view. But from the Palazzo, kids get to see all the explosions and pirate antics while you'll be happy you didn't have to hoist your kid on your shoulders to experience it.

[Photo: Palazzo's Facebook]

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