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Is Everything Sexier in Paris? It Depends On Which Room You Choose

Where: 3655 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
April 16, 2010 at 6:29 PM | by | ()

As you’ll know by now, we spent last weekend in Paris. You’ll know we liked shaking our glowsticks at the Manilow, and were disappointed by the non-sexy sex kits. But here’s the important bit - the room review. Especially because you can get 15 percent off rooms here by booking through our special code (see below).

Check in:

Impressive. Despite our arriving at 6pm on a Friday night, and the valet looking rammed, it only took a few minutes to dump the car. Likewise, check in – the queue moved quickly and we were through in a matter of minutes. We lucked out with the host lady too – she was lovely too.

Room Reaction:

It depends on how you judge it. If we’d landed this room in another town, we wouldn’t be thrilled. But by Vegas standards (for the older casinos, at least), we liked it quite a lot.

The decor is quite heavy (think they’re laying on le romance) but we liked the red headboard and the bed was v comfy. The checked carpet we weren’t so sure about to start with, but it grew on us. We disliked the heavy wardrobe/TV stand/minibar container thing, which seemed to take up half the room, but apart from that, we pretty much liked it.

The TV was a plasma 42-incher, the desk was a good size to work on, and we loved the electric plugs built into the bedside lamps – perfect for working/charging the phone from bed.

The bathroom was fairly roomy, and we loved that there was a separate bath and shower (apparently all rooms in Paris have both, apart from the disabled access ones). The pink marble floor spoke to us, although the full length mirror on the back of the door, not so much (unless you like watching yourself as you perform your ablutions).

Of course the real reason for choosing this room is the view. It's spectacular. You can see the Eiffel Tower lifts going up and down, you can watch the Bellagio fountains from dawn till dusk (and even hear the music, if you listen carefully) and you can even perve on the people in the swimming pool below you. We could have got bedsores from sitting so long, such was our love for that view.

Amenity Madness:

Paris-branded Gilchrist and Soames toiletries - yawn, but good to see shower gel included in the stash. Also a shower cap and mouthwash, but no cotton wool or anything else.

The minibar was well-stocked although prices were a bit steep ($14 for a mini bottle of champagne, yowzers, and $6 for a beer).

Internet Connect:

$14.99 for 24 hours which, even without a resort fee, is still too much. And as far as we could see, there was nowhere with free access within Paris.

What We Liked:

Our memories of sitting on the sofa at 2am watching the Strip will live in our heads for a long time, and we’d definitely make a return trip to that bed.

What We Didn’t Like:

The heavy wooden cupboard thing. Also, the soundproofing - we thought the room was pretty quiet until the last day, when we heard the couple next door having an argument. But that’s all we heard over two nights, so we’re assuming bathroom/sexy noises were all successfully blocked out.

Bottom Line:

Overall, for Vegas, we liked this room a lot. And the view speaks for itself. We just wouldn’t have been jazzed if it had come without the view, or if we’d been in a town with sexier hotel standards.

We also saw a standard room (video below) and a suite, and we can safely say that the Red Room decor is a mile better than both the other two (yes, even the expensive suites – they’re too frou frou).

All of which is our labored way of saying – if you book a room at Paris, you need to book it for the view (and not all Red Rooms have the view). View rooms are called Premier rooms, and cost about $30/$40 more than the ones that look out the back.

So, for example, next Wednesday – the cheapest date in the next couple of weeks – a standard room (called luxury) will cost you $100, a standard with a view (called Luxury Premier) $130, a Red Room without the view (Red Room Luxury) $140, and a Red Room Premier – with the view - $160.

So you should definitely get the view. But seeing as it’s a difference of $30 for the Red Room on top of that, we’d say it’s definitely worth getting the Red Room Premier. Does that make sense?

Also, FYI, people who (like us) like to chance their upgrade arm at check-in, it’s cheaper to upgrade online at the time of booking. Upgrading from a Luxury room to a Red Room Premier at check in will cost you $100, and they sell out pretty quickly. So unless you’re incredibly persuasive, just quit while you’re ahead and do it at the time of booking. Nothing will kill the sexy vibe like getting landed in an old fashioned room overlooking the Bally’s carpark.

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*Disclosure: VegasChatter’s trip to Paris was as a guest of the casino as part of an online media trip

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