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Cirque Announces a Michael Jackson Show, Hope It's More LOVE Than Viva Elvis

April 20, 2010 at 1:22 PM | by | ()

Wow, Cirque really are pushing themselves at the moment. If it’s not swallowing the bad Viva Elvis reviews or reworking Believe, it’s creating a brand new show, and this one is going to be huge – a Michael Jackson show, based in Vegas.

The show will start touring next year, then take up permanent residence in Vegas (at an MGM Mirage property, according to the Sun). Cirque and the Jackson estate will go 50/50 on the cost of putting it on.

At the moment, all there is to see is this video, in which they keep talking about Cirque and Jackson “coming together” (isn’t that a bit Beatlesy?) Anyway, we’re looking forward to this one. If it’s a LOVE, not a Viva Elvis, obvs.

Archived Comments:

This is going to be great!

I can't wait for this! Id love to see Cirque's interpretation of MJ's obsession with skin lightening and nose jobs. Also just think of the circus that will be created over the media circus with MJ's molestation trial and his death. This one is going to be way better than Viva Elvis. I hope they title it "Man in the Mirror."

Next up? MADONNA?