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The Circus Circus $12.99 Prime Rib Deal Is Great - For Drunks And Jersey Boys

Where: 2880 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
May 3, 2010 at 3:02 PM | by | ()

The sign. Would you dare?

It’s been a while since we ate something gross in the name of research, but every time we’ve driven past Circus Circus lately, we’ve heard the “$12.99 All You Can Eat Prime Rib Dinner” offer calling to us, and wondered if we should steel ourselves to try it. Then a couple of weeks ago, we met some boys from New Jersey who said they had tried it, and it was surprisingly good. So we got the confidence to hit the big top.

Should you trust a boy from New Jersey? Debatable.


In the Garden Grill, by the Adventure Dome. Not the most salubrious/romantico of locations, but seeing as you’re going for an all you can eat, that’s probably not top of your list anyway.


Not classy, but totally fine. Dining Companion was horrified at the menu- laminated plastic! With a plastic spine down the side! Swoon! – but that didn’t bother us. Interesting use of fake-tiled wallpaper stuff on the table. Other diners were a mix of families, (mostly older) couples and a few business associates. Our server, Francisco, was a sweetheart.


The Prime Rib comes with either soup or salad. We asked Francisco which was better and he said 100% salad - in which case, we dread to think what the soup was like. You’d think it’d be hard to get a salad wrong, but our “French dressing” was more like glutinous sweet and sour sauce, and the salad leaves had been stashed at the back of the fridge, and were a bit frozen inside. DC chose more wisely, with the Italian dressing, and had non-frozen salad leaves, so we obvs were unlucky.

As for the meat – it was roast beef, but carved half an inch thick as if it was a steak, which seemed weird to our English palate. Very fatty, overly tender, not very flavor-filled and a bit too much blood-ooze for a medium, which we’d requested. God knows what the gravy was made from, but it tasted of grease not meat. The horseradish sauce was a bit too jelly-like, and could have done with some horseradish in it.

On the plus side, the mashed potato was excellent, and the beans weren’t too bad, either.

Francisco offered us another round (it’s all you can eat in the sense that they bring it to you, rather than a buffet, thank god), and although we could have eaten platefuls of the veg, we chose to bail in case our body decided to stage a revolt against the grease once it hit our stomach.


If you’re not picky about your meat, if you’re drunk, or possibly if you’re a boy from New Jersey, then this could work as a place to tank up before a night on the town. But if you like to eat your meal without battling a might-be-sick-soon lump in your throat, stay away from the all you can eat. The word on the faux-tiled table from Dining Companion was that his burger was acceptable, but at $9.99 and up, that’s too much to drag us into the fourth Circus Circus (hoho) of hell.

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