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Stripper Bar Stripper Now With Stripper Pole Firmly in Hand

May 5, 2010 at 8:54 PM | by | ()

FYI. This is just an update for our photo archives. And something to LOL at today.

The giant blow-up doll Stripper Bar stripper at Planet Hollywood now has a stripper pole firmly in hand. (When we first saw the Stripper she was just grasping air.) Will this help her attract more customers? We can only hope. Stay strong Stripper Girl!

Here's what else is on in Vegas:
· As if she needed any more media publicity, Holly Madison shoots down Tila Tequila's "scoop" that the Peepshow star is getting in vitro done today. [Gold Plated Door]
· Vegas finally says NO to a dubious celebrity: Chris Brown [NY Post]
· We realize this is very last-minute for folks but $99 Le Reve tickets are a good reason to subscribe to Travelzoo. [Travelzoo]
· Looks like those direct BA flights to Vegas are also responsible for Brits getting married while drunk. (Insert British euphemism for this sort of thing here.) [Daily Mail UK]
· This made us giggle this afternoon. A British guy is mad at the Wynn for not removing all the feather pillows from his room (which is reasonable request if you are allergic.) But the Strip Podcast is not letting him get away with such a one-sided rant. [Strip Podcast]

Archived Comments:

What a difference a pole makes

Hadn't really noticed how weird she looked before but she does look much more comfortable with pole in hand.

More importantly, is the crotch-cam still crotchless or is it now snapping away?


When I was there it looked like she was just waiving, I didnt think they were putting a pole up there. I guess it is a good idea....Have they gotten any busier? We had a awesome waitress while we were there and I hope to see her and the bar again when we are back in town hopefully for by b-day in December.