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The Miss USA Ladies Are Here To Heat Up The Strip

May 6, 2010 at 3:20 PM | by | ()

At Caesars, turning the Garden of the Gods into the Garden of the Goddesses (that’s from our imaginary Robin Leach phrasebook, btw)

Not being redblooded males, we were confused when we heard excited thigh rubbing over Twitter yesterday at the arrival of the Miss USA contestants at Planet Hollywood. Did we just get déjà vu or didn’t they already do that in January? (Around the time of Sexy Snake Man’s residence, IWRC.)

Anyhoo, closer inspection reveals that we failed to note the fine but important distinction between Miss USA (this week’s girls) and Miss America (the January lot). How silly of us! Must have been distracted by the dreaded boob envy.

But it’s not all bad – this lot only arrived yesterday, they’re in town until the pageant finale on 16 May and will be making various appearances around town until then. We’ll be trying to keep track of them (as, you can be sure, Robin Leach will too) and bringing you as many gratuitous shots as possible. For starters, check out the thighs on this one:

You're welcome.

[Photo: Vegas Deluxe]

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