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Inside a $20 Room at Hooters Casino Hotel

Where: 115 East Tropicana Ave [map]
June 17, 2010 at 12:43 PM | by | ()

Yesterday we told you that Hooters Casino Hotel will charge you $25 for stealing their room service menu. The funny thing is, we didn't even pay $25 for the room. We paid $20. Well, all in all with taxes and the $8.40 resort fee, it was a little bit more than that but still, $20 for a real hotel room in Vegas.

And we didn't have to go crazy refreshing our Twitter feed to do it (cough, Sahara's $1 rooms, cough). Twenty dollar hotel rooms at Hooters are available to everyone, so long as they stay during the week. So what do you get for a crisp Andrew Jackson? Let us show you now.

Check-In: Check-in was extremely fast. A lovely girl, not in a Hooters uniform, checked us in and sent us to Bayview room 623. (Another tower is called Oceanview.)

Room Reaction: The bed was huge but we had to throw that nasty comforter to the floor straightaway (this is where germs--sperm, blood, other unsavory kinds--live.) After we did that, we noticed the pillows were oddly small. But since it was just us, there was no one to share them with. The plants were fake but in good condition. The bathroom was clean if sparse and we had a view overlooking the pool.

Overall the room was astonishingly clean, for $20 anyways. We were borderline OCD about getting a non-smoking room at check-in and we were put in a room that smelled wonderful. Really, we don't think anyone has ever smoked in this room at all. Considering that the elevators at Hooters reek of smoke, this is an accomplishment.

Amenity Madness: The chunky black TV was a bit of a turnoff but it did have a game controller so you could play video games. We also like the little vanity nook next to the bathroom with a magnifying mirror and a plastic Bud Light ice bucket. The desk had plenty of outlets and if we were staying with a companion, we imagine he would have got a kick out of the armchair with its very own side table (for beers, we presume.) In the bathroom were Hooters-branded toiletries. We decided to use our own instead. And we're sorry to report, but there was no mini-bar.

Internet Connect: Hooters had some crazy internet connect contraption on the desk that offered an ethernet hook up with pricing of $4.95 for an hour, $8.95 for 12 hours and $14.95 for 24 hours. Ugh. But we have to give points for plenty of outlets at the desk.

Casino and Eats: Ok, this casino is not very cool but it is simple and free of fuss. It's also very small so it's very navigable. One thing you should be aware of: it is full of dudes, so if you want to "creep" for hot girls here you may want to wait outside the Men of X show. As for food, there's a Hooters restaurant and the Mad Onion restaurant which has a cheapo breakfast of $2.99 from 12am to 6am.

What We Liked: The room was clean, spacious and smelled great. And as a lady traveling alone, we felt safe. For $20, this is a steal.

What We Didn't Like: This is the one big flaw with the room and probably why we won't stay at Hooters again unless we can get black-out drunk--the noise. We expected drunk people noise or pool party noise but we got none of that. Instead we got HVAC, machinery kind of noise that woke us up at 2am and continued for an hour. We looked out our window and saw that we are directly over some machinery system powering the hotel. (Yeah, we have no idea what to call this.)

The drones made us miserable and we almost thought about spending the rest of the night in our car. And it wasn't like we could complain about it. What would the hotel say? "Oh, let us just power down the casino so you can get some sleep." Not gonna happen.

Fortunately, the noise did dissipate and by 4am we were sound asleep again. Until we had to wake up at 6am. Also, planes are taking off and landing constantly at nearby McCarran during the daytime so if you want peace and quiet, bring earplugs.

Bottom Line: You cannot go wrong with $20 rooms. All in all, with the resort fee and taxes, our room cost $30.80. (The resort fee included nominal stuff but the two small bottles of Hooters Calendar Girl water were a nice touch.)

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