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Holly's Gone Quiet Again, But At Least She's Broken Britain

June 24, 2010 at 5:15 PM | by | ()

Madison does Monroe. Liking it.

Shocked. We’re absolutely shocked to discover that there is one publication on the globe that isn’t in the Madison loop. One India revealed today that Holly is “coming up with her own reality TV show” and it's been picked up and is racing round the Subcontinent's newswires as we speak. Um, thanks for the scoop there.

But then, Holly has been keeping it pretty lowkey this week. Oh, apart from telling the people of Great Britain that she doesn’t fancy one of the sexiest men in the country, AKA David Beckham. We’re sure Posh will be relieved to know you’re not planning on relieving her of her husband, Holly, but seriously. Criss Angel yes, David Beckham no? We need to have a chat about your taste in gents, girlfriend.

Talking of Posh, Holly also weighed in on our favorite Vegas woman evah, Mel B, saying she was very funny but her accent is indecipherable. Apparently they’re still in touch, though. Jealous! #HollyweadoreMelBcanyouhookusuppleasepleaseplease?

Someone who she also doesn’t fancy is Josh Koscheck, despite Radar Online having annouced they were (maybe) at it. And we know this because she texted Robin Leach (possibly not the best move seeing as past form suggests he may already be a little obsessed with her).

Lastly, she had fun looking very Marilyn Monroe at Venus Pool Club on Saturday.

Other than that, it was another quiet week for Holly. We would dole out one bobble, but making it into the Sun (breaking Britain! Yay!) bumps it up to a solid two.

But seriously, can someone roll out a red carpet and send her along it please? This cold turkey thing is feeling weird to us, and we’re thinking the men of Vegas are feeling a little deprived. Although that's prob not the word they'd use.

[Photo: Las Vegas Sun]

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