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What Exactly Does the Sexy New Trop See in Paul Rodriguez?

Where: 3801 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89109
June 7, 2010 at 2:33 PM | by | ()

If you have eyes, and your gush detector’s been switched off, you’ll have noticed our lust at first sight of the new Trop has been growing. Even staying over didn’t quell our ardor.

But just like we’d suddenly seen our hot crush in the daylight and without a protective alcoholic veil, we had a little shiver of doubt when we went to see Paul Rodriguez last week. Had we been looking at the Trop through rose-tinted glasses? Because the showroom (RIP Wayne) was packed full of old people. We were sandwiched in between a couple from Cleveland who could have got better acquainted with the concept of toothpaste, and some old Vegas locals who complained so furiously that we were sat at the back that the usher gave in and moved them forward.

So the atmosphere wasn’t majorly conducive to laughter, and the humor – well it was ok, but neither Rodriguez nor his cohorts wangled any belly laughs out of us. The old folk seemed to like Rodriguez and Shayla Rivera, who was actually pretty good, but Gene Pompa and the MC guy didn’t go down so well. It was also way too long, at nearly 90 minutes.

As we left, the old people were chuckling away but we heard a young British guy say to his ladyfriend “that was rubbish”. Which got us to thinking – what is the Trop trying to do with this? Obviously they’re trying to appeal to the Latino crowd, but there weren’t any young folk there, Latino or otherwise. And we thought the Trop was going young and sexy with the revamp?

Rodriguez is set to leave June 19, but according to LV Weekly, it’s a trial run for a long-term gig (although equally, according to the Weekly, he may have just shot himself in the foot with that one.

In the meantime, we’re still struggling to grasp what the Trop’s aim with this show is. You want to be young and sexy and this is the best you can do? You got rid of Wayne for this? Bad move, Troppers. Seriously bad move.

If you’re old or willing to give it a go, Paul Rodriguez and the Whole Enchilada is on at 9pm nightly until June 19. Tickets from $39, or if you book this package you can get a 2 for 1 deal.

[Photo: Las Vegas Weekly]

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