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What Not To Do At A Vegas Show, Or We'll Write About It

June 8, 2010 at 11:50 AM | by | ()

We obviously see a lot of shows in Vegas and therefore witness of lot of strange, sometimes unexplainable behavior. While many of the oddities weíve spied would be completely unacceptable at a Broadway show, one of the traits we love about Vegas is its laid back ability to be a little more ďcome as you areĒ accepting. Some rules still apply, however, and often supply us our WTF moments.

No matter which side of the rules your behavior falls on, you can still expect us to notice, poke fun, and probably write about it. Hopefully our list is more newsworthy useful than this list.

Five Doníts at Vegas Shows: These can apply most anywhere, but especially in Vegas.


1. Tout your #1 Fan Status: If booking tickets by phone, donít repeatedly inform the ticketing agent you are Cherís number one fan. Unless youíre booking a dozen category 1 tickets to O, the agent isnít that impressed as youíre the sixteenth #1 fan sheís heard from today.

2. Show Up Late: This one will always be a pipe dream, but donít plan on making it from Mandalay Bay Beach to Le Reve in ten minutes on a Saturday night (or any night). When you do show up late, find your seat and sit quickly. We donít want to stare at the wet spot on the backside you forgot to towel off while you draw straws to decide who sits next to the 400 pound gremlin.

3. Bring Dinner: If you might be hungry, plan on eating before the show Ė and donít bring it with you to finish. We actually witnessed a guy unroll a $5 footlong at the start of Phantom of the Opera. Donít know where to eat before the show? We wrote that list too.

4. Answer Your Cellphone: By now, it should go without saying to put your cell on silent/vibrate before any event. But we all hear it at every show and movie. So if itís inevitably you that forgets, at the very least mute it quickly. Not like the oblivious dude we saw recently who stared at his phone for a good thirty seconds before putting it away. Yes, the whole audience was staring at you, guy, while you shone a spotlight on the first five rows.

5. Get Dressed in the Dark: Like we said, just about anything goes at Vegas shows. If you wanted to attend opening night at the Met, you wouldnít be staying in a $1 Sahara room. But unless youíre dressed like a leprechaun with a personal steak knife at Tournament of Kings (true), donít make us assume mom dresses you back at home. Or worse, in mixed company, at least pay attention to what your date is wearing. We saw a guy wearing a ballcap (not even Ed Hardy), worn out t-shirt with an up-collar (again, true), and mandels (of course, with socks) while his date wore a ball gown one sequin short of needing a tiara.

Whatever time you show up or ultimately wear, donít forget to tell us what you thought of the show.

[Photo: Phantom Las Vegas [official site]]

Archived Comments:

toilet list

i actually like that toilet etiquette list. useful.

Elton John

Also don't think that you can make a request at a superstar's show... such as the mammoth woman 2 rows ahead of us at Elton John who kept screaming "PLAY YOUR SONG" whenever there was a lull in the show. Defintion of trashy.

re: Elton John

Agreed! I'd bet money she's also the person who thinks Candle in the Wind is a duet.  Sorry, lady, we'll be happy to head over to Ellis Island with you later for some karaoke but we didn't skip rent this month to hear your version.  Especially since you are jarbling the second verse.

Thanks for the tips

Coming to Vegas shortly for a caravan insurance seminar (i know interesting eh!) and will no doubt take in a few shows so thanks for the tips.

I will brief everyone accordingly :)


well, those are good tips and I believe a normal person doesn't need to be reminded of that. but really, Vegas is such a popular place and different people visit it not just to enjoy The Phantom of the Opera which is awesome! and other shows), but also to relax, feel at ease...no wonder sometimes they allow themselves too much))