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Introducing Circus Circus West Tower, Or The Nicest Surprise We've Had In Vegas

Where: 2880 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
June 8, 2010 at 3:21 PM | by | ()

UPDATE: On 1 July Circus Circus increased its resort fee to $6. FYI.

We’ve stayed in some bad rooms in Vegas (cough Caesars - both times), but never – never! – have we dreaded a hotel stay as much as we were dreading our trip to Circus Circus last Thursday night. If Harrah’s is the most depressing casino on Las Vegas Boulevard, then CC is defo the skankiest – and we speak as people with low standards who spent three happy days at the Stratosphere not so long ago. It was with a heavy heart that we left our $1 room at Sahara to check in here, and that’s saying a lot.

Check in:

Drunk people in the carpark, yay! A lobby that smelt of foot cheese, whoop! And crowds of checked out groups blocking our way to the check in desk, super duper! We were not in the nicest of moods when we finally got to check in, but the lady on the desk was so nice, and so complimentary of our smooth English accent, that the ego massage calmed us right down. And we got even calmer when we realized that, either on account of our accent or our charming manner, she had given us a key to the new West Tower rooms, rather than the Skyrise Tower, which we’d booked (the upgrade normally costs $20). Result! We were still scared though.

Room Reaction:

Sometimes when you have high expectations of a hotel, it’s devastating to open your room door and have them immediately quashed (we repeat, a-Caesars Palace-hem). How much nicer it is when it’s the other way round! We genuinely expected the absolute pits from Circus Circus, and in light of that, what we opened the door made us pretty speechless.

A new, clean, fluffy carpet that we had no qualms in trampling on, naked-footed. A proper high hotel bed (as opposed to the grotty cheap ones that sit so low in vegas) with – incredibly – the kind of smooth sheets we expect in a high class (ie not Vegas) four star hotel.

A – wait for it - flatscreen TV. Good lighting, better soundproofing. A marble desk with a lamp that had an electric socket in it. A bathroom with a marble top and a waffle – yes, waffle – shower curtain. We appeared to have fallen down the rabbit hole and into a decent hotel room. For which we had paid a grand total of $32.70 ($24.25 for the room, plus tax and resort fee). As we said, re-sult.

It was a disabled room, so the spyhole was low and the bathroom wasn’t as pretty as it could be with the rails and small counter. This could also be why there was no seat to go with the desk. But still. We were stoked. Stoked, we tell you!

Amenity Madness:

This is where we felt let down. A boring soap, shampoo and body lotion combo (the same nondescript brand as Excalibur uses). No minibar. No notepad. Not even a pen.

On the plus side, there was a fairly good and fairly priced room service selection, which, seeing as we’d been so pleased by the room, we took advantage of. Eggs Benedict were not amazing, but not the worst we’ve had – a solid average.

Internet Connect:

As we already told you WiFi was included in the resort fee of $4.95. It took a little while and two calls to get it to work, as it didn’t like our Mac, but once we were connected, it was an OK speed and connection (4 out of 5 bars). Major props for that.

What We Liked:

Pretty much all of the room – seeing as our expectations were so low, this was one of the nicest surprises we’ve had in our hotel life.

What We Didn’t Like:

The lack of chair to the desk, and although the rest of the room was spotless, the headboard had grease marks on it, which we preferred not to think about (his is a family hotel, after all). Although the bedsheets were lush, the blanket was straight out of a Motel 6. And it was a major struggle to get a late checkout of midday the next day (they offered us 11.30, instead of 11am - um thanks, but everyone checks out at 11.30am anyway so you're not exactly doing us no favors).

Bottom Line:

For $32.70 all in, this was definitely the best value we’ve had on the Strip (much as we loved our Trop room, it cost us $74 plus tax, once you factored in resort fee and internet access). Obviously we got our upgrade for free, but to do it at check in costs $20, whereas the Trop charges $30 more for its Paradise Tower rooms than its grotty ones, so this still works out cheaper.

Having said that, we're being so positive because when we’re staying in a hotel, our priority is the room. The casino at Circus Circus is still a hellhole. If you’re like us, and you have a car, you’re sorted – because the West Tower is right by the carpark entrance, so you can go from your ride to your room without setting foot in the skankfest. But if you want a hotel with a scene, or a hotel in a good position, then we can’t recommend it. This place is for sleeping only – but bloody hell, the sleep was good.

You’ll be pleased to know that Circus Circus started a 3 day room sale yesterday – book by tomorrow night, for dates up to next January, and rooms start at $24.25 (most weekdays in June and July are at that price). A West Tower room costs from $42.25 in the sale, which we reckon is still excellent value. Otherwise, risk a grotty room and fake an English accent and Impeccable British Manners(TM) at checkin. Click here to book.

Archived Comments:

this shatters everything

i used to believe in. that room IS nice!

Circus Circus....are you on drugs?

Ok, I can do the smooth English accent (as opposed to the 'blinky blimey' cockney accent that anyone who lives within 100 miles of London seems to acquire when they go on holiday to the US)....but would I want to stay at CC....er, No.

Apart from the steakhouse (probably one of the best in Vegas), there is zero reason to feel your feet stick to the carpet, watch the kids 'playing' in the car park at 3am while mom hoovers up a few more margaritas or witness the hellhole that is 'Carnival Midway'....I would rather perform an appendectomy on myself with a rusty spoon than go back to that shithole.

Our room was great for the money...

Worth checking out - they are definately getting there.

Had everything we needed and the steakhouse was spot on (try the cajan fillet!).

Would recommend it and happily stay there again. renovation insurance

The Circus Circus

The Circus Circus west Tower certainly seems worth checking out!! I've stayed in the Skyrise Tower just once a long time ago and that was it for me - haven't looked in that direction ever since!! But with all the nice things that's being written about their new realtors  block will definitely try it out next time I am there - I was particularly impressed by the hospitality bit to which I give a lot of importance - can really make the difference in our trip!!