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Only In Vegas Would You Hold Your Wedding Reception at an All Day Buffet

Where: 3850 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89109
July 12, 2010 at 1:06 PM | by | ()

Please tell us they went on to party with Thunder Down Under

As the ever-wonderful Alex Acuna says, this is why we love Vegas – because it really does have something for everyone.

As we were busy tweeting on Friday night, some friends of ours were up for the weekend and decided to hit the Excalibur all-day buffet. On trip four, in the evening, they found themselves dining next to a wedding party.

A wedding party.

Once we’d got over laughing (our friend described it as “the best thing to ever happen in the world, ever), we were able to get the details. They sat in the main dining room with everyone else, but they had a tablecloth to distinguish themselves. They also brought their own wedding cake (some things are worth staying traditional for).

They came from Texas, the groom told our friend as they used the bathroom together that he couldn’t think of “anywhere better” to hold the reception” and they left the cake for our friends to finish as they went off to gamble (the bride apparently said “we don’t need that, we’ve got our drinks”).

Unlike the wedding party, who did theirs round the table, we are speechless. We saw a bride in the Golden Gate a couple of weeks back, but this is better. C.u.t.e. Also, we should start a bridewatch. So if you ever see any in unexpected places, please snap a pic and send it over.

PS: If Tweet of the Weekend wasn’t about people getting drunk and making fools of themselves, this would have been this week’s.

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whats wrong? Circus Circus was all booked?

This is six kinds of awesome.

One advantage to the Excalibur location is that the bride and groom can go straight downstairs to the caricature artist and get a fun memento of their matrimony.


Classic Vegas!!!  Hey we're still in a recession, so kudos to them! HAHA


i was feeling a bit bad for laughing at them, until i realised that for the price of their plane tix they could have had a proper big reception in texas, and then i felt able to laugh again.