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Hammers, Sickles and a $75-Per-Hour Ice Bar: Welcome To KGB

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
July 2, 2010 at 4:54 AM | by | ()

Take a deep breath, people, because it looks like you finally have a reason to go into Harrah’s.

Yes, sexy chef Kerry Simon’s new burger restaurant is open (ahead of schedule – swoon) in the space where Penazzi used to be. Seeing as it’s called KGB (Kerry’s Gourmet Burger), and has hammers and sickles and all things Russian over its walls, this could either be appalling or impeccable timing - but we’re thinking Vegas peeps will be intrigued enough to go form their own spy/burger ring.

We headed down for lunch yesterday, and found things very quiet (hey, there are few people of good taste in Harrah’s, so that was actually something of a relief), but the place is beautiful: marbly-mirrory-foily tables, sexy booths and saucy pop art murals of Russki-looking ladies on the walls. It’s also incredibly bright for a casino, which is a very good thing.

Center stage but not at all ostentatious is the vodka bar which houses 10 types of vodka in a 12-ft block of ice. According to the lovely (Slavic?) waitress, the ice has to be replaced every two hours and costs $150 a pop. A pop. If that isn’t a reason to imbibe, we’re not sure what is.

On the menu are 10 GBs (gourmet burgers, obvs) or if none of them appeal you can build your own (four burgers, four buns – including iceberg lettuce for carbo-condriacs), 6 types of veg, 8 cheeses, and eight other toppings from grilled pineapple to popcorn shrimp.

There are also six types of milkshake, and cupcakes, cotton candy and caramel popcorn crunch for dessert. A meal here will necessitate 5 reps of your preferred Kim Kardashian exercise vid, but my god, it’ll be worth it.

We plumped for the crispy four cheese burger, steak potato fries and an espresso shake, and we’ll show you what it looked like and tell you how it was on Monday. Right now, we’re still digesting the deep-fried cheese.

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