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Don't Tweet at Vegas Cabbie Because He's No Longer Picking You Up

July 21, 2010 at 6:11 PM | by | ()

Last year we discovered an ingenious way to avoid the endless taxi line at McCarran Airport---by tweeting @VegasCabbie.

VegasCabbie would then be able to pick you up at Yellow #1, a passenger pick-up area where cabbies can pick up their somewhat pre-arranged rides. All it takes is your smartphone, Twitter and a couple of bucks to give to a skycap.

But sadly, this trick won't work anymore because VegasCabbie has retired. He tweeted last week:

Well off to start new job tomorrow, NOT A VEGASCABBIE ANYMORE, 8-( sad but true,the $$ is just not there anymore. Thx for the memories all.

And it turns out his new job is driving a bus. Oh well, looks like we're back to waiting in line. Hopefully that liquor store comes through!

Got any other tips for avoiding the taxi madness at McCarran? We're desperate, we'll do anything so let us know in comments below

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Little Birdie...

If I recall correctly a little birdie told me that you can just tip a skycap and they'll just call up a cab for you.  

My flights have been getting to Vegas early lately, so I've avoided avoided the hellish lines