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Marrying a Sandwich Should Always Be Legal in Vegas

Where: 1301 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89114
July 22, 2010 at 12:17 PM | by | ()

Yes, that guy brought out of wedlock baby Bobbies to his ceremony

It wasn’t how we imagined it when we were little, that’s for sure. Yesterday we rolled up to the Little White Wedding Chapel in our finest Vegas slapper dress and pledged our troth to a sandwich for as long as we both should “last”. How very Caligula!

Sadly our marriage lasted even less time than the average American one, since we did a JWoww (thanks to @EastCoastGamblr for pointing that one out) and devoured the husband soon after.

How was it? For a PR stunt, actually really fun. Initially we were disappointed because the wedding certificate, which we’d been told was going to be real, had the Capriotti’s logo on it. But then, it had the Little White Wedding Chapel and the name of the minister on it, so it’s still going to take pride of place on our wall.

The other Bobbie spouses (a couple of hundred turned up) were a motley crew, from two young guys in shorts and t-shirt who did obscene things to their Bobbies when they got the nod to kiss them (yeah we saw you, filthy beasts), to the fancy dress crew.

We saw a Captain Morgan, a woman in a bridal gown made out of toilet paper, showgirls, a tattooed guy dressed in a suit, and, our favorite, the man in the scarlet corset and matching wig (which teamed well with his beard), who demanded to marry both a male and a female Bobbie because he “couldn’t choose between them”.

Other honorable mentions go to the big group of girls from the Sin City Rollergirls and the three ladies from the Happy Hoofers – septuagenarian tap dancing showgirls. Yes, it was as fun as it sounds.

Oh, and the Bobbie really is a delicious sandwich. That was our first (we’d been saving ourselves for the wedding) but now we’ve had a taste, we just can’t get enough. In fact, we’re feeling so voracious this morning that we might have to hit up his brother for lunch. It's Vegas, after all.

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