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The Five Best Budget Hotel Rooms In Vegas

July 29, 2010 at 12:16 PM | by | ()

Sometimes, appearances can be deceptive. When it comes to the rooms, that is. Not the casino. Shudder.

Reader Santony may not agree with this, but we at VegasChatter are all about the bargains. But how do you tell if dealz really are dealz? How to differentiate between a $27 room at Excalibur and a $25 gaffe at Imperial Palace? Should you write off Hooters for being Hooters? And are the Rio “suites” actually places you’d want to set foot in?

Reader, we share your pain, and not just because on our first trip to Vegas we ended up at the Stratosphere. The other week, we were watching the poor souls making their way around IP when we shacked up in the room of hell, and it made us think: wow, if you didn’t know Vegas too well, you’d think that all cheap rooms in this town came with grimy mirrored ceilings and suicidal impulses on the side.

So to save you from popping into CVS for some razor blades, here’s our list of top budget hotel rooms in Vegas. We've shacked up in a lot of dross in order to sift out some goodies. You’re welcome.

1. The West Tower at Circus Circus

UPDATE: Turns out that on 1 July Circus Circus increased its resort fee to $6. FYI.

We’ve said it before, but this was the nicest surprise we’ve had in Vegas. A new, spotless room with flatscreen TV and internet included in the paltry $4.95 resort fee – excellent value. Definitely a winner – but make sure you’re in the West Tower! VegasChatter will not be held responsible for your misery (or your bedbugs) if you balls up and land yourself a Manor room instead. Use this link to get yourself 20 percent off rack rates, taking rooms to as low as $25 (then just upgrade to a West Tower room).

2. Paradise Tower at Tropicana

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we heart the new Trop rooms quite bad. And with WiFi soon to be included in the resort fee, we’re feeling the love even more. The only thing that stops them from taking first place is that we’ve noticed the prices creeping up unless you’re booking a deal.

The good news is that they are pumping out the deals regularly. The latest: $49 rooms Sunday to Thursday, including a "VIP experience". Or you can get a 30 percent Twitter discount booking through this link. On 31 August, it'll cost you a mere $34.

3. Masquerade Tower at the Rio

Yes it’s off the Strip, but hey, the shuttles are regular and the views are good. The Rio casino doesn’t do it for us, but the Masquerade Tower room we landed definitely did – especially because we nabbed it for $50 on a Friday night. Best of all, the Rio is assiduous about sending cheap rates the way of its Twitter followers – for the last few months, we’ve seen room rates pretty steady around $40 midweek and weekends from $50ish. Just tweet them and ask for the latest link to their "insider deals". Currently, you can get rates from $35 here.

4. Hooters

Yes, really. This comes as as much of a surprise to us as to you, but on our recent stay we found the room to be rather nice, and the price to be an amazeballs $20. Also, they’re perennially under threat of extinction, so you’re keeping Men of X clad in velcro with every night you stay there. Have a heart.

5. Sahara

First, the cons: the rooms here are not to the same standard as the others, and the casino has a baked in smell of sick. But the pros are that our room was clean and perfectly stayable in, the pool area’s cute if small, and rates are good, even if you don’t get a $1 room, as we did. Watch their Twitter and Facebook, because they’re consistently billing/guaranteeing themselves as having the cheapest weekend rooms on the Strip. The latest: $39 for Friday and Saturday nights if you like them on Facebook, or rates from $30 here. Bonza.

Did we miss somewhere off the list? Or put in something that doesn't deserve it? Tell us about your best and worst budget experiences. Tweet us, email us or let us know in comments below.

[Top photo: Las Vegas Casino Reviews. All others: VegasChatter]

Archived Comments:


As your resident Downtown rat, I feel compelled to shout about the rooms there.

There's bargains to be had downtown, Golden Gate, Four Queens and Main Street Station will have comparable offers. Plaza and Vegas Club as well (but they are a bit skanky). Also remember that the El Cortez has had a refit so has the Gold Spike.

You may not be on the strip, but the food (and alcohol!) is cheaper downtown, the lines aren't as long, and the time it takes you to walk to the Nugget and get a cab and get to Bellagio, you are 20 bucks lighter in your wallet. You have probably only spent 5 or so minutes more in the cab than if you stayed in a cavernous strip hotel that takes 10 minutes to actually walk through to get to the strip..

good point

thank you! maybe we need to start a downtown series next. do you have a fave?

Cheapy faves..

My stay of choice downtown is the Nugget - it's not really a bargain stay, but compared to The Strip it's remarkable value. It's definitely strip quality.

If I wanted cheap and cheerful, I'd probably go for Golden Gate or Fremont. If I wanted young crowd, I'd go to the cabana suites at the El Cortez.

Recently talked a friend travelling from Ireland into trying The Golden Gate, he got a bargain. He's there in October - I'll get him to post his experiences, he's definitely a strip kinda guy normally!

Also you might think about a series on cheap times to travel. I used to always travel the week between Rodeo ending (yum cowboys!) and Christmas - no crowds, and cheap cheap cheap. This year I am trying Thanksgiving week.


...Should have been first up. Even at a bit more you can not beat the view or the room. Those rooms are brand spankin' new as of May of this year. New beds, new style and even new soft fluffy towels.

Tropical agreement

Based on the pics only, I agree with Just...they look nice!  I would probably consider staying there now especially with all the other remodeling.


yeah, i do prefer the room at trop (CC room was smashing, but trop was a little more sophisticated). and location is better at trop, as is vibe, obvs. BUT i'm all about price, and i've seen trop prices go worryingly high for P tower - I'm sure i've seen some for $90ish, in the week. whereas CC hardly ever change their rates. Also, their resort fee's only $3 and includes wifi. so i think that makes them pretty unbeatable.

heids, liking your style. ok to nick that?

el cortez

punching in another vote for el cortez from facebook..

Feel free!

Go for it...As long as you promise to do a Du-Parrs review next time you are downtown. Bay City Diner used to be a fave place downtown, and I need a good review on the new franchise.

Hint: their blue plate specials deal between 4-6 (am or pm I believe) is innovative.


Yea that's me. Cabana suites are fantastic (at the price) and a little birdie told me all the tower rooms are now remodeled. But beware they do have some smoking rooms (vintage I believe), which are a little grimey.


have to say i'm not a fan of the cortez casino but will have to check out the rooms. thank you!

heids: on it.

El Cortez

Without a doubt the El Cortez is the best value downtown.  We've stayed twice in the Cabana Suites and were very comfortable both times.  The beds are soft, the rooms are clean, and the staff is very friendly.  As a bonus, we have never paid more than $30 a night and no resort fees!  :)

Rooms on a shoestring?

I'd hang myself with that shoe string if I had to stay at Circus Circus and see Brats Brats all over the place.
Same with Hooters. Why stay in their rooms and reward a casino that has the unhappiest dealers in town and rooks tourists with a worthless 100.00 slot freeplay.

New Plaza Rooms

The new Plaza rooms are outstanding and only $40 for Friday/Saturday which can't be beat!!

other hotel's

ive been to vegas twice in the last two years. the first time i stayed at the stratosphere. nice but not ritz carlton nice. but cheap. this year i stayed at the riveria. again nice but not like a hilton or anything of that caliber.  you get what you pay for. choose wisely.


Spent a past trip to vegas staying at hooters, $17/night rooms and $2 beer was great. The room was clean and comfortable, the Mad onion was pretty decent food for the prices and you just had to walk next door to the trop or cross the street to mgm and the monorail station and suddenly you have easy access to the whole strip.

Vegas is a favorite simply because you can do budget or luxury trip based on your needs at the time.

Cool List

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Circus Circus.....our stay 2/18-2/21/15

I think your comments about Circus Circus Manor rooms is off.  We stayed there last week, 3 nights, and the bill out the door was $114 (included all fees, taxes etc).  While room was a little outdated, the wifi worked great on multiple devices (4 at times, and no extra charge).  TV was great.  Short walk to main casino and Adventuredome.  My 5 year old loved it.  Staff was pleasant and helpful.   If you can find a better place on the strip for a better price please let me know....as we are thinking of going back there again next week!
jjonmaui AT yahoo DOT com