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Tweet of the Weekend: Is Vegas Tired of Jwoww?

July 6, 2010 at 12:02 PM | by | ()

Many people got trashed in Vegas this weekend, and lots of them told the world about it. So, every Monday (or Tuesday, in today’s case) we’re bringing you our favourite tweet of the weekend. And don’t forget to follow us at @vegaschatter.

Is the lure of the Jersey Shore finally beginning to fade? We ask because by the looks of Twitter this weekend, Jwoww didn’t go down so well.

First there was this one from @mrbobbybones:

Just sat at a blackjack table next to jwoww. She looks 40 plus and gross. And smoked like a chimney. Los couldn't stop staring.

And then this one from @closthemexican:

I just tried to get a picture with JWOWW. She said NO! What?!!!

And finally this from @_HollieRose:

omg I can't take JWOWW and her las vegas advertising crap anymore when is it gonna end?!?!?!?! @JENNIWOWW

Maybe it’s just that Jwoww’s fans were having too much fun (possibly snogging The Situation) to tweet. At least, we hope so. We're not ready to see her go just yet.

Had fun this weekend? We want to know the gory details! Tweet us or email us what you can remember, or drop your comments in below.

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