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Guess the Vegas Hotel Positioning Itself For Swingers and Sex Tapers

July 7, 2010 at 4:35 PM | by | ()


Why, what have we here? The opening scene of a homemade sextape? Another Erin Andrews-style peeping Tom hidden in the ceiling? A brave attempt to start a new fetish for fully clothed people eating TGI Friday’s potato skins in bed?

Sadly no. This was us at 5am this morning when, after attending the birthday bash of Mr Tasting Las Vegas, we mustered enough courage to return to our room in this hotel. And by “room” we mean “skanky amateur porn set”.

Yes, this place was so skanky that it is, as far as we can remember, the first room we've ever stayed in that made us keep on all our clothes, all night. And we were wearing jeans, people. Jeans. (Sorry for pictorially inflicting ourselves on you, btw; it was hard to convey the sheer skeeviness without a body in the bed.)

Where were we? None of you guessed on Twitter so we thought we’d try you on a picture round here. Some clues to help you on your way:

* The hotel is across the road from a similarly named casino
* Its self-park garage is on a par with Aria’s for appallingness
* The “minisuites” here (which we were upgraded to after we complained about the foul room we started off with) come with swingertastic baths with room for 8 and mirrored ceilings.
* Although there has surely been a lot of touching up going on in the room (probably by middle-aged swingers), we doubt the room itself has been much touched up since the 80s.
* We’re actually quite fond of the casino here
* The onsite entertainment and restaurant options are far, far superior to the rooms.
* Cellphone reception is bad in the casino, but impossible in the room – it took a 10 minute walk to get a single bar or reception this morning.

Right now, we’re off to take a Silkwood shower and ponder the question: why didn’t we listen to our friend who loves the budget hotels of Vegas (for realz, he’s currently enjoying the delights of the Gold Coast) but told us just a couple of weeks ago that this was the one place he’s checked out of early and would never return to.

So where were we? Guess away in comments below or you can bung us your answers on Twitter.

Archived Comments:

Swingertastic hotel room

Love that you managed to use "swingertastic" in a story! That is a great description of the overhead mirror. From the description of the garage, I would have to say IP- one of the least easily navigable garages in town.  

Cheese Doodles!

I see em there.  Hook a brotha up.  

I have no idea where you shot this sex tape.  Never been in a hotel room in Vegas with mirrors on the ceiling.

Easy Guess

That's easy.  It's a Deluxe Luv Tub room at IP.  Stayed in one last year on a comp.  

Please Hurry

And tell me where this is so I dont book a room there!  This looks so tacky and gross.  I can't even make a guess because I've seen nothing like this in my travels to Las Vegas lol  Definitely NOT Aria where I stayed last weekend!  If this is Imperial Palace, I see my good sense has served me well and kept me away from here!

Uh, Julia. You're not going to like this.

I know exactly which room you were in. I recognize that smear on the corner of the mirror.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I'm sort of responsible for it.

Your suggestion about swingers and sex tapes isn't far off. In fact, it's right on the money. At least it was on Saturday.

Please tell me you didn't sit in the chair.

Ooh ooh, I know!

Pick me, I know!

Nice getting to hang last night!  And to think, THAT'S the upgrade.  Ick.  Whatever you do, don't turn on a blacklight....you don't want to know.

Hot Tub!

For a second I thought the light over the hot tub was a not so subtle eye in the sky.  It is a light, right???


um, i hope so. as i say, i slept fully clothed. hallelujah!

Did you not get an invite?

 You make it sound like maybe you are upset that that you missed out on the Swingers Events at the IP? ....LOL...We will let you keep your clothes on!

 The Sybian that April talks about was in one of those mirrored rooms... http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/blogs/the-playground/2009/nov/16/swingers/

no way

my invite must have got lost in the post. but ugh, couldn't you have chosen somewhere nicer?

Isn't there enough to do in Vegas?

I have entered a travel competition to win a holiday trip to visit Nevada from the UK later this year and found this whilst searching around for things to do in Las Vegas.  Surely you can do this sort of monkey business in any old motel any time - I want to get the most out of this fabulous if a bit crazy town when I stay.


It was the pits....never hire a hotel sight unseen ever again....But after the glowing review of the "New" Trop....we used it last June.....New Paradise Tower rooms where off the chain...and the staff so great!


and yet again, my invite was lost in the post. PLEASE say you booked the trop because of our reviews, because that will make my year!

Trop II

I would like to say so...but the contract was signed last year...But I did ask for and did get an "02" room like you reviewed. Nice suite with lots of room...but lacking enough decent places to sit. OOooo But they don't want you in your room all comfortable watching the 42 inch TV.