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Is CityCenter Just Using The Veer Towers for Advertising Purposes?

July 7, 2010 at 4:53 PM | by | ()

UPDATE: The Veer Towers have officially opened!

If you've ever read The New Yorker, then you'll know it takes forever to get through the magazine's articles. That's because they are often several pages long with only one lead photo followed by a second one deeper in the story, if you're lucky, and the subject matter is fairly complex. Except those for those funny cartoons. Har-har.

So we were taking our sweet old time with the May 10th issue and when we finished it the other night, we turned it over to see an ad for CityCenter! CityCenter been's courting the New Yorker crowd for quite some time but sending nerdy intellectual types to Vegas isn't what threw us off here. It was the prominence of the Veer Towers, the leaning residential condo-buildings which despite selling some units recently, according to the LVRJ, have no clear opening date.

Even more interesting, the ad doesn't mention Veer Towers down at the bottom where the other hotels and The Crystals mall have their logos printed. So...the leaning Veer Towers get all lit up as the focal point of the ad, yet they don't even get a mention while Viva Elvis, restaurants, bars and gaming do. Hmmm...For anyone reading this, just so you know, you can't actually sleep at the Veer Towers unless you buy a condo there.

Moving on, we can't decide if it was a smart move by MGM Mirage for keeping The Cosmpolitan in the ad--wedged behind a Veer Tower above The Crystals--or not. After all, if you're gonna feature the Veer Towers but not mention them, why not just photoshop that pesky Cosmo hotel out of the picture while you're at it?

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